Gabrielle Dennis

Gabrielle’s birthday – October 19, 1978. She grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. She was very active person, after High School, she graduated from School for Creative and Performing Arts, finished dancing class. She was playing at the major theater and before her acting career Gabrielle graduated with honors from Howard University. She began her professional career in 1990 (in the age of 12). The first acting experience came to Dennis with a television movie “A Mom for Christmas”, starring Olivia Newton-John and then “A Rage in Harlem” starring Gregory Hines, Robin Given, and Forest Whitaker. But all this roles, were really small and didn't made her popular.

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For two years (1998 - 2000), she served as a co-host on a teenage talk show that aired on BET channel. The career of Gabrielle as a popular actress has begun in earnest in 2004, when she appeared in some video projects. In 2006, she appeared as a comedian on Damon Wayans sketch show - “The Underground”. 2008 brings to Dennis the role on the CW series “The Game”. The character of Gabrielle was Janay - cute girl, friend of Malik Wright and girlfriend of Derwin Davis. This role gave to Gabrielle's biography some culmination and popularity. When the show was closed, fans campaigned for its returning back, where Gabrielle was played her role 2 more seasons. During her work on "The Game" she got roles in the film “Bring It On: Fight to the Finish” starring with few movie stars, this motion picture seriously helped to her career. Also she played Denise Roy on Spike TV's “Blue Mountain State” as Craig Shilo's girlfriend, but her character was soon removed from the show. Behind the work in the movies and TV show Gabrielle was guest-starred on several shows including “Franklin & Bash”, “Baby Daddy”, “Justified” and “Bones”. In 2015 Gabrielle gets the role of Pippy - the toxicology expert and lesbian sister of Beaumont Rosewood (one of the major character).

During her acting career Gabrielle Dennis played in more than 40 projects. The most interesting works are: Bring It On: Fight to the Finish, The Marc Pease Experience , Politics of Love, He's Mine Not Yours, Back Then, Holly's Holiday, Black Coffee, A Super Secret, Call Me King, My First Love, The Underground, Campus Ladies, My Name Is Earl, The Game, Southland, Blue Mountain State, Born Again Virgin, Rosewood etc. For today Gabrielle’s net worth amount about 2 million dollars.

As a hobby Gabrielle writes songs, sings and dances. According to Dennis she states being a women one need to be strong at any difficulty that will be raised throughout the life. There is not any available information about Gabrielle's marriage, husband, children or family status in general. Gabrielle Dennis don't really like to advertise private life, but says, that she is family person. Dennis is active in the social networking sites and has more than 22,3 thousands followers in twitter, and a lot photos in instagram.

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