Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera is a multi-talented person, who enjoys a number of titles. He is an author, a host for a news channel, journalist and most importantly American attorney.  He is among the most famous reporters of the U.S.  At present he is hosting his own show on Fox.  The name of the show is named after his own name.

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Rivera was born at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City, New York, the son of Lillian and Cruz "Allen" Rivera, a restaurant worker and cab driver respectively. Rivera's father was a Catholic Puerto Rican, and his mother is of Ashkenazi Russian Jewish descent. He was raised "mostly Jewish" and had a Bar Mitzvah ceremony. He grew up in Brooklyn and West Babylon, New York, where he attended West Babylon High School. Rivera's family was sometimes subjected to prejudice and racism, and took to spelling their surname as "Riviera" because they thought it sounded "less ethnic".

From September 1961 to May 1963, he attended the State University of New York Maritime College, where he was a member of the rowing team. In 1965, Rivera graduated from the University of Arizona (where he continued his involvement in athletics as a goalie on the lacrosse team) with a B.S. degree in business administration.
Following a series of jobs ranging from clothing salesman to short-order cook, Rivera enrolled at Brooklyn Law School in 1966. As a law student, he held internships with the New York County District Attorney under legendary crime-fighter Frank Hogan and Harlem Assertion of Rights (a community-based provider of legal services) before receiving his J.D. near the top of his class in 1969. He then held a Reginald Heber Smith Fellowship in poverty law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School in the summer of 1969 before being admitted to the New York State Bar later that year.

After working with such organizations as the lower Manhattan-based Community Action for Legal Services and the National Lawyers Guild, Rivera became a frequent attorney for the Puerto Rican activist group, the Young Lords, eventually precipitating his entry into private practice. This work attracted the attention of WABC-TV news director Al Primo when Rivera was interviewed about the group's occupation of an East Harlem church in 1969. Primo offered Rivera a job as a reporter but was unhappy with the first name "Gerald" (he wanted something more identifiably Latino) so they agreed to go with the pronunciation used by the Puerto Rican side of Rivera's family: Geraldo. Due to his dearth of journalistic experience, ABC arranged for Rivera to study introductory broadcast journalism under Fred Friendly in the Ford Foundation-funded Summer Program in Journalism for Members of Minority Groups at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in 1970.

Geraldo started his reporter career from the city of New York.  He has also won many awards and accolades for performing his duties as a journalist.  This also includes the Kennedy award for journalism.  He has taken the interviews of many famous personalities which also includes late Michael Jackson.

Quick Facts
Height: 1.76 m
Date of Birth: 04-07-1943
Children: Isabella Holmes Rivera, Gabriel Miguel Rivera
Marital Status: Married
Wife: Erica Michelle Levy
Marriage Date: 2003
Divorced Date: 2000
Ex. Wife: Cynthia Cruickshank
Profession: American attorney, reporter, author, and talk show host.
Birth Sign: Cancer
Birth Place: Brooklyn, NY
Alma Mater: Columbia University, University Of Arizona
Nationality: American
T.V. Show(s): Geraldo Rivera
Ethnicity: Puerto Rican (father) ,Ashkenazi Jewish (mother)
Net Worth: $15 million
Charity: Life’s WORC
Birth Date: 4 Jul, 1943
Age: 76 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Brooklyn
residence: Shaker Heights
Gender: Male
Description: American attorney, journalist and talk show host
Twitter Id: GeraldoRivera
Spouse: Edith Vonnegut[1971-1975]
Net Worth 2021: 20 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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