Ian Harding

Ian Harding is American actor and he is well known for the role he has when he played as Ezra Fitz in the series called Pretty Little Liars. She has been working with the Lupus Foundation of America where he was raising the funds to make the awareness of diseases and to assist the Lupus Research and Education in order to support his mother called Mary-Beth who had suffered Lupus for over 20 years.

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From his biography, Ian Harding was born in the city of Heidelberg in Germany and his family was in military. He had an older sister named Sarah and the family went back to Virginia after some years and it is the place where he joined the drama club at the high school of Georgetown Preparatory School in North Bethesda in Maryland. He was chosen by the class to give the commencement address of his class and afterwards, he had to pursue acting and music theater program of Carnegie Mellon University.

Ian Harding became the cast for the role of the Ezra Fitz in the ABC Family Television series known as Pretty Little Liars in the year 2010. In the Pretty Little Liars, there are four girls who have to fight against the invisible enemy after the mysterious murder of one of their friends. Harding plays as English Teacher and he has romantic interest with Aria. For the way he portrays Ezra, he had won Teen Choice Awards 7 times.

Before, he was not aware of what the hashtag is up to the time that he saw the show talking about it. After learning about it, he was interested in tweeting and became a professional at it. He will be playing as an Uber Driver but he never used the driver in his life. For Lupus, he raised 40,000 dollars for his mom from the fans. He had to sell a T-shirt with his face so that the proceeding can go to help the Lupus Foundation. His fans love him and they have helped a great deal to help in raising the money towards the foundation. He likes to bird watch and the most expensive app he has on the phone is Sibley Bird App.

When it comes to his private life, Ian Harding is yet to be married and he had never got a divorce. In the year 2010, he had a girlfriend called Candy Crowns. Even if there have been always rumors that he may be dating his fellow actress in Pretty Little Liars Lucy Hale, there is nothing substantial to confirm this. Ian Harding does not have children yet but he takes care of his Labradoodle pups Bailey and Mochi. He has a net worth of 3 million dollars from the roles he had in many movies. He played in different film roles, television roles and web series role like in Hollywood is Like Highschool with Money.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 16 Sep, 1986
Age: 33 yrs
Occupations: Actor
Television actor
Film actor
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Heidelberg
Education: Carnegie Mellon University
Gender: Male
Description: German-American actor
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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