John Asher

John Asher's full name is John Mallory Asher. His nick name is Asher. He was born in California, USA on 13th January 1971. He is a son of film actor Edward Mallory and actress Joyce Bulifant and adopted and brought up by Joyce Bulifant's third husband William Asher who was a son of well-known and original director of I love Lucy 1951.

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John Mallory Asher married life

John Asher is an extraordinary, popular and successful business man in the film field. But hopelessly he was unsuccessful in the married life. John Asher was married to two ladies. His first wife stayed with him for only two years from 1994-1996 Vanessa Lee. Second one was Jenny McCarthy. She is a well-known actress, model and director. He married her in 1999 and divorced her in 2005, they have a baby boy named Evan. John Asher divorced her when his son diagnosed autism and his wife had no time for her child. He said that child ill-ness is something which become near or far to wife and husband. He added that my wife is more comfortable and feel love with her ex-boyfriend and this is biggest reason of second divorce. Now he is alone and never gets married.

John Mallory Asher a millionaire

John Mallory Asher is a live top ranked actor of the world of 2016. He at the age 45 earn 58 $ million.

Mallory a model

John after a successful actor, director and film maker he is doing modeling. He is the sexiest and hottest profile model of “People with money”.

Career of John Mallory Asher

Mallory Asher is a well actor, director, producer, screen writer and a model of the century. He is born actor because his father William Asher was an originaldirector of the I Love Lucy 1951 and Bewitched 1964. John Asher William directed his first film at the age of 21 and does his first film as actor in 1990.

He did 22 television and films some of them are television episodes Beverly Hills (1990), Fast lane (2003), Double Dragon (2004), The Swiss Family Robinson (1998), who is the Boss? (1991).

He has many directions in his pockets and still challenging his luck. His some of the directions are Diamonds (1999), Dirty Love (2005), Somebody Love me (2013), Tooken (2015) and Po (2015) still working on it.

He produced two films named dirty Love (2005) and Po (2015) still working on it. Po is the film near to him as it is closer to his real life and on his son Evan. He is also a writer of Tooken and Chick Flick.

Achiever of Oscar award

John Asher is two times Oscar award winning actor and still on the way to snatch the winning trophies in the field of film, acting, writing, modeling producing and directing.

Money or love, sometime one and sometime both are the human luck. John Asher William is one who wrote load and load of success rate in his luck from the film world but unfortunately he files unlucky in his personal married life.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 12 Jan, 1945
Age: 75 yrs
Gender: Male
Description: Born 1945
Net Worth 2021: 3 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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