Kate Moss

Katherine Ann Kate Moss is a British model and founder of the Storm Model Management. She is well known for size zero fashion.

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She has been married to Jamine Hince, since 2011. She has one daughter due to her affair with Jefferson Hack, the Dazed and Confused editor. She had a relationship with Jefferson for a number of years. Later, Peter Doherty, the former Libertines member was her boyfriend.

Moss first met Doherty in 2005 at her birthday party. In 2007, Doherty publicly announced that he is going to get married to Moss in a concert in which he and Moss performed. Their relationship splited in 2007 and Doherty married Jamie the guitarist. She also had a relationship with Johnny Depp. She got engaged to Depp but, their relationship broke before their marriage.

There was a rumor that Daniel Craig and Moss were in a secret relationship. Recently, Daniel left a message on Moss’s phone stating, “I love you, I love you, I love you”. There were no comments from her husband on this news. Daniel and Moss never publicly announced their relationship.

To top all of this list, she has added a girlfriend to it. Courtney Love reports that she has a lesbian fling with Kate Moss. Love has mentioned long before that she is having an affair with a female lead model. She never revealed her name. Later in an interview, she mentioned that the model is Kate and they had their fling in 1990s in Milan.

Love also stated that Kate was not in drugs and it was a fun thing to do and to tell their grandchildren. Love also indicated that she and Kate are good friends now. Love was worried about how Kate would take that interview. After 4 years in 2014, Love confirmed that she did not have sex with Kate. She said that it is a nasty rumor and it costed her, her friendship with Kate. So, it is to be considered that Kate did not take that interview lightly. She denied mentioning the name of the British Model. Love said that she just mentioned a British Model and did not mention that name. Love did not disapprove of her lesbian experiments and also stated that she is straight.

Kate stopped all her communication with Love. Love tried to send letters or talk to Kate but, she did not respond to them. Love was not invited to Kate’s wedding either. Love is not the only lesbian fling of Kate. Kate has reported that she had a three in a bed lesbian session with her best friends and has also had a fling with Jude Law. Moss reported that she had a cocaine filled party with Sadie Frost and Davinia Taylor. It is said that Kate is very sexual in nature and when under the influence of drugs, she would sleep with anyone, may it be a woman or man.

These straight and lesbian lists have not caused any diversion between Jamine and his wife. There are no rumors about their divorce and it is to be assumed that they are having a peaceful marital life.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 16 Jan, 1974
Age: 46 yrs
Occupations: Model
Fashion designer
Citizenship: United Kingdom
Birth Place: Croydon
Education: Riddlesdown Collegiate
Gender: Female
Description: English model and businesswoman
Spouse: Jamie Hince [M. 2011]
Net Worth 2021: 70 million
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Last Modified: Feb 19 2023
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