Katherine Kousi

Who is Katherine Kousi?

Katherine Kousi is known as an American actress. She is most famous for her roles in “Encino Woman” (1996), “Bio-Dome” (1996) and “Threesome” (1994).

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Background and Age

Katherine Kousi's date of birth and place of birth are not available to the public.

Career and Net Worth

During her acting career, Katherine Kousi has had a role in three popular movies. In 1994, she got her first big break with the film, Threesome. It was a romantic-drama-comedy movie directed by Andrew Fleming. Katherine played the role of a laundry girl which was a very insignificant role. Even though it was a small role, it was a learning experience for her to work on a big film set. The movie revolves around three friends and the pent-up sexual tensions between them which need to be vented.

In 1996, she starred in Bio-dome. The film was directed by Jason Bloom and marketed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. It had a budget of $15 million dollars. Katherine played the role of a vigilante. The movie revolved around two dim-wits who were on a road trip to find a toilet stop which actually had a mall inside and that in turn was the bio-dome. The film did not go down very well with the critics, but some of the audience enjoyed it. The movie grossed $26 million in North America which turned out a profit for the producers.

Encino Woman was released as a sequel to the movie Encino Man which starred Brendan Fraser and Pauly Shore. Walt Disney Television and ZM production together produced this movie which revolved around Lucy who is a prehistoric woman, She is excavated after an earthquake and is alive. Confused by life in the 20th century, she tries to adapt to the modern world and befriends David Hosenfelt who is an ad agency employee. Katherine played the lead role of Lucy in the film.

Katherine is also a talented painter and her art is very contemporary. After she stopped acting, she continued to strive for perfection in her career as a painter. She has her very website where most of the paintings are beautifully exhibited virtually. Her retirement from acting did not dampen her spirits as a creative person and most of her paintings seem to be inspired by nature.

Some of her paintings series are End of Winter, Paris On Fire, Evening Cherry Blossoms, These Flowers have spines of their own, I have eyes for someone else, and other untitled work. Her paintings are mostly in pastel hues or reds and blue which, clearly depicting nature as an inspiration.

Katherine Kousi has an estimated net worth of over $11 million dollars.

Marriage, Husband, and Kids

Katherine Kousi is the ex-wife of Joe Flanigan. Joe is an American writer and actor. Joe Flanigan has done guest appearances in a number of television shows, including First Monday, Profiler, and Sisters. The actor got a major breakthrough with Stargate Atlantis where he portrayed the character of St, Colonel John Sheppard.

She has three sons with her estranged husband. They got married in 1997 but announced their separation eighteen years later in the year 2014.

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Last Modified: Sep 7 2020
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