Kitty Szekely

Kitty Szekely is the oldest daughter of parents Louis C.K. (born Szekely) and Alix Bailey. She has one sibling, a younger sister named Mary Louise. By the time she was the age of 3, Kitty’s parents decided to end their marriage and divorce from each other. The two parents decided the best option would be to share joint custody over their two young daughters.

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The Story of Her Parents’ Divorce

Alix Bailey and Louis C.K. are both actors in the entertainment industry. Alix is mostly known by the public for her small roles she portrayed in Louis C.K.’s short films. Even though Alix helped Louis with his films, she was actually a painter when she wasn’t acting. Although Kitty’s parents divorced when she was young, they did started the separation process in such way that their daughters were not so affected by the anticipated trauma. To make things easier for the children, the parents decided to split their weekdays to ensure that the girls spend equal time with both of their mother and father.

Even though Louis C.K. has a television show on the FX network which is based on his real life he has publicly stated more than once that the similarities between the TV characters and his real life daughters is not intentional and almost non existent.. The TV characters and the real life daughters may have the same names but their personalities are very different. With the exception of the TV show characters being loosely based on their real daughters, Louis and Alix have tried to keep their daughters away from the spotlight and public view. The most important thing, as any good parents would want, they tried their best to avoid dirt and negativity from getting to their daughters and harming their childhoods.

Kitty’s Privacy

As a comedian, Louis C.K. says that whenever his daughters are at his place in the city, he does not work at all and devotes the majority of his time and attention to his daughters. For him it is the natural thing for a single father to do and he cannot imagine raising his daughters in any other way. Not having the help of a partner and a busy work schedule can make things hard for Louis C.K. to connect with his daughters. He does not make excuses though and recognizes that he is privileged and has enough resources to provide his daughters with a good living.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 4 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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