Alix Bailey

Alix Bailey was born on February 3, 1967. She grew up in New Haven, Connecticut and Italy. She is the daughter of two painters highly interested in art, and thus it was natural that their talent would be inherited by Alix. She did her painting studies at Bennington College. She got her MFA from Indiana University. She starred in some movies like Tomorrow Night (1998), Pootie Tang (2001) and Searching for Nixon (2006). She was married to Louis C.K. (born Szekely) from 1995 to 2008 when they divorced. From their marriage resulted two children: Mary Louise Szekely and Kitty Szekely.

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Marriage with Louis C.K.

Although she tried to keep her life private, her marriage with Louis C.K. brought her in the spotlight. She helped him before he became a stand-up superstar. While he was schooling himself on film making, he realized some absurd short black-and-white films. Alix was also a part of these movies. Later on she became the main subject of Louis’ stand-up material. Alix tried to stay out of public attention, so she did not made an official statement about her net worth.

After the marriage was over, Louis declared to the press that Alix was still an important part of his life, considering that they had joint custody over their daughters. He declared that half of the week the girls stay with him. During this period, he does not work. There were criticisms about the stand-up material he uses. Because most of it is based on his marriage to Alix, he opened a door into his private life. Regarding to this subject, he said that it is some sort of therapy. People can identify with the subject and they can face their own fears.


One of the most important shows he created is Louie. This is one of the occasions where the public got the chance to know Alix. Even though she does not physically participate in the show, most of the characters and action are influenced by his real life.

Racial controversy

One of the controversies related to the show refers to the actress that plays Alix. She is depicted by an African American woman while the children were white. This controversy lit up the public, and soon Louis had to come forward and talk about race differences between his real ex-wife and the wife from the show. In an interview he said that he wanted a distinct line between his real life and the show. Also, he stated that Susan Kelechi Watson, the Afro-American woman who got the part was one of the best actresses that auditioned for the part. Of course, people started to follow Alix in order to get a photo with her to prove the big difference between the two of them.

Of course, the press was not happy with his answer, and they started to dig dipper. In the show Louie is portrayed as a white man, ignoring his Mexican origins. His response was as simply as it could get. Because it is a TV show, that it is inspired from reality, he has the freedom to choose whoever he wants for the roles and he does not need to explain it to anybody. Even more, it doesn’t have the slyest connection to any racial stereotype. When he chose the actors he chose them according to their performance and not to their race.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 3 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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