Marjorie Bridges-Woods

Marjorie Bridges-Woods is famous for being the third wife of the American entertainer and comedian Steve Harvey. Her birth date is October 10, 1974.

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Love at First Sight

Her husband gained his initial fame when he was the star a sitcom called The Steve Harvey Show Harvey often refers to Marjorie as the woman who changed his life. The two of them first met in Memphis at a comedy club. Harvey was so smitten with her, he made a declaration that he would marry Marjorie. Their love story would have to wait as both went on different paths and created separate families that involved failed marriages. After almost two decades the two lovers decided to get give it a genuine try and created their own family. They have been happily married since 2007.

Love in the Wrong Places

Before she ended up with Steve, she had a lot of trouble find a good man. She allegedly ran the Hawaiian Isle Nightclub in Memphis with her first husband, Jim L. Townsend. The place was long reputed to be a den for illicit drugs and prostitution. After her husband was arrested and placed in prison for life without the possibility of parole for receiving his third strike, she quickly filed for a divorce and abandoned him. She did not want to end up in jail like he did.

Instead of leaving the criminal life in her past, she dove right back in by marrying another local drug lord, Donnell Woods of the infamous Woods brothers. Marjorie earned the nickname “Lady Heroin” due to her involvement in the Memphis drug trade. Donnell was soon also arrested and sent off to prison. Even though her husband’s kept ending up in jail, she was smart enough to cut her ties just before she could have been arrested as an accomplice.

Marjorie’s Fashion Career:

After her marriage to Steve, she decided to take on fashion as a career. She operates her own blog called The Lady Loves Couture. She is known for having a beautiful sense of fashion. She was spotted attending many exclusive fashion shows from New York to Paris.

She is elegant and has her own style. Marjorie works on her blog round the clock. If anyone wants to follow fashion trends and needs to be within a certain budget, Marjorie has advice for everyone.

She once described her fashion choices with the concept of planning, “I plan my life based on what I have and that's what ladies do when they attend fashion shows, they see those gorgeous models showing beautifully handcrafted garments and then they begin picturing what they can wear to that special event later, whether it is a meeting or a date”

Harassment From Harvey’s Ex

When Steve Harvey's ex-wife Mary released a couple of videos making fun of him saying that he was a womanizer and accused him of cheating on Marjorie, she was seen as a bitter woman but Marjorie couldn’t handle the negative attention.

Marjorie insisted on calling up her lawyer to deny the accusations that she was in an affair with her husband while he was still married to his ex-wife Mary. She also denied Mary's claims of Steve trying to take Wynton, their son, from Mary and she stated that these accusations were false and ridiculous.

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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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