Kristen Cornett

Kristen Cornett is known as an American meteorologist. She is most famous for her work at the St. Louis based CBS affiliate, KMOV-TV.

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Background and Age

Kristen Cornett was born on July 5, 1974 in Lexington, Kentucky. Kristen was deeply moved by severe weather conditions as a kid. Her parents often had to drag young Kristen from the front porch of their building during the storms. She would get so excited that she would not think twice to chase vicious tornados and hurricanes despite her parent's warnings.

Having stared at the eye of a hurricane at an early age, Kristen has always been fascinated by severe weather conditions like volcanoes, earthquakes, and storms. However, she didn't originally want to be a meteorologist for her career. She was studying at the University of Kentucky to be a doctor before earning a Geosciences degree from Mississippi State University.

Career and Net Worth

Marking her 22nd year in a career as a meteorologist in 2020, AMS Seal of Approval approved meteorologist Kristen Cornett has been an important member of the 4 Warn Storm Team for St. Louis based KMOV-TV, a CBS affiliate. She fulfills the responsibility of the weathercaster spot for weekend newscasts.

In addition to her KMOV stint, Kristen has worked for various other reputed networks during her long career, including WCBI-TV where she started her career as a weekend meteorologist in 1996. She has also worked at WAAY-TV, WHAS-TV, WLWT, and NBC Weather Plus.

Marriage, Husband, and Kids

Kristen Cornett is married to a firefighter named Steve Knapp. The couple finally tied the knot in 2012 after being in a romantic relationship for 14 years. It was an exquisite outdoor wedding that took place at Chandler Hill Vineyards. The heart-stealing vineyard is located 45 minutes west of downtown St.Louis.


Kristen Cornett was adopted when she was a youngster. Through a DNA test in 2019, she had the chance to reconnect with two of her biological sisters. When asked about being adopted, Kristen said, “My adoptive family taught me that I was special because they chose me.” Growing up, she was consistently interested in which biological relative she resembled, and she additionally pondered where her attributes originated from.

In her mid-20s, Cornett connected with the state of Kentucky and had the option to contact her biological mother. A couple of years after the fact, her biological sister, Amy, found her. Amy and Cornett became companions. Cornett was even in Amy's wedding, and the two despite everything stay in contact.

Cornett chose to discover more about her family line and took a 23andMe DNA test. She got her test results and found out about her heritage and got a message from another 23andMe client. This client, Jill, ended up being Kristen and Amy's sister that neither of them knew about. They knew through records that there was an older sister, however Jill was more youthful than the two sisters, which means there are really four sisters. Every sister was adopted by various families in different Kentucky urban communities inside a five-year time frame.

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Last Modified: Jul 19 2020
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