Lilia Luciano

Lilia Luciano; Her Career and the Tragic Mistake that Marred It

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Lilia Luciano worked as a television reporter for MSNBC for two years before the editing of an audio tape related to the Trayvon Martin incident caused The NBC news president to have to relieve everyone that had anything to do with the story that was aired to be relieved of their jobs with MSNBC. President of NBC News, Steve Capus, says that the bad editing that created a story that led people to believe that the defendant in the case had said something he had not said was a mistake and was not an intentional or deliberate act.

Childhood and Education

Lilia Luciano was born in Puerto Rico on October the twelfth of 1984. Lilia first entered college at Tufts University in Massachusetts with a major in pre-medicine. Lilia changed her major to economics and broadcast journalism and changed her schools to the University of Miami. She graduated from the University of Miami in 2007.

Her Career Beginnings

While Lilia was still attending the University of Miami she worked as an intern with Telemundo. Lilia anchored and produced a segment for Telemundo Internacional on finance and economics. Once she graduated from college Lilia was hired by Univision Networks to work as a news correspondent as well as the co-anchor on their evening newscast.


Lilia started to work for MSNBC during December of 2010. Lilia was a welcomed addition to the staff and regarded highly by her coworkers. She had several major assignments during the two years she worked at MSNBC.

Lilia was sent to cover Hurricane Irene and the damages that storm did in August of 2011. She did the coverage of the storm from Nassau, Bahamas and the segments she did were aired on the NBC Nightly News anchored by Brian Williams. The Today Show also aired her story on this storm and they were seen on the Weather Channel and on CNBC. Lilia continued covering the path of destruction the storm created as it moved through North Carolina.

Lilia spent the summer of 2011 covering the Casey Anthony murder trial that was held in Orlando Florida. Her segments were seen on MSNBC and on the Today Show. Lilia spent six weeks in Florida reporting from the Orange County courthouse. On July 17th she did a special midnight broadcast announcing the fact that Casey Anthony was being released from prison.

The Assignment that Cost Lilia Her Job

The assignment that would cause Lilia to lose her position at MSNBC was the Trayvon Martin shooting. Lilia went to Samford Florida to cover the story. At one point one of the news stories that she reported was edited in such a manner as to be misleading about what George Zimmerman said when he made his 911 call. Although the misleading audio is not directly blamed on Lilia she had to be fired because she was a part of the news team that created the story. MSNBC regrets having to fire any of the staff for this incident because it was a mistake, but mistakes of this nature cannot be allowed to happen and the news station had no choice but remove the parties involved.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 12 Oct, 1984
Age: 35 yrs
Occupations: Journalist
Film producer
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: San Juan
Education: Tufts University
University of Miami
Gender: Female
Description: Puerto Rican journalist
Twitter Id: Lilialuciano
Net Worth 2021: 5 million
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Last Modified: Jun 23 2020
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