Louise Lear

Louise Lear is known as a British weather reporter. She is most famous for her work on BBC World News and BBC News at Six.

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Background and Age

Louise Lear was born on December 14, 1967 in Sheffield, England. There is very little information about Lear's early life that is publicly available. Lear attended Middlesex Polytechnic. In 1988, she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music and Drama. Growing up, she played the piano and the clarinet.

Marriage, Husband, and Kids

Louise Lear is married to an architect named Ian Lear. Ian Lear has worked at Patisserie Holdings Ltd for over 7 years. The couple has two children. Both are boys, their sons are named Jamie and Miles Lear.

Career and Net Worth

Louise Lear started her career in broadcasting at Children's BBC. She worked there as a researcher. After a her stint as a researcher, she took a job as on-air talent. Working for an independent radio production company, she covered the 1992 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer. As a sports reporter, Lear also covered events such as Wimbledon. In addition, in 1992 she started her work as a weather presenter at Central Television. One of her significant reports was the 1994 Winter Olympics. Furthermore, she spent two years at LBC in London.

Later, Louise worked for a few organizations like 'Focal Television' and 'London Broadcasting Company.' Then in the year 1992, she joined Central Television and worked as a climate presenter. Another opportunity came about for Louise in 1996 when she joined The Weather Channel for its launch. She ended up becoming a cable and satellite weather reporter. Following quite a while of working there, she made advances in work for BBC in April 1998. Leah is now working for BBC where she presents climate news at the show known as "BBC News at Six".

During a broadcast in 2016, the BBC weather presenter, Louise Lear's attack of the laughs while trying to introduce the forecast made a big splash on social media. As Simon McCoy presented the weather presenter, she started giggling wildly and attempted to get it together as she read her report.

Viewers took to social media to give their two cents. Andrew Murphy tweeted, "Just watched Louise Lear the weather woman lose it on BBC news. So funny, I even ended up laughing!"

A user named @MadonnaEffect said, "Well done Louise Lear for pulling herself together so professionally after that hilarious fit of the giggles."


Louise inherited her love for home renovation from her husband. Together, they succeeded in renovating four London homes, including a precious old English cottage. It was on BBC's Trading Up that Lear had the opportunity to showcase her love for renovating old homes.

This beautiful of two is full of passion. Lear is an active fitness enthusiast and this reflects in her appearance. She shares a love of DIY with her family. True to her education, Lear is a music enthusiast and can be found both making and listening to music. Health and wellness also seem to be a hot topic in her home. Cooking healthy meals for her precious family is one of her most favorite past times.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 14 Dec, 1967
Age: 52 yrs
Education: Middlesex University
Gender: Female
Description: Weather forecaster
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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