Mack Maine

Jermaine Preyan is an American rapper and label executive for Young Money Records that is better known by his stage name, Mack Maine.

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Hip Hop Career

Mack Maine was born in the city of New Orleans, located in the state of Louisiana. He is credited with being one of the figures that put the Southern style of rap on the national stage.

Mack is the president and CEO of Young Money Records.  Mack is also the co-founder of Sooth Soul Records as well as Kush Entertainment.

Westword asked Mack if he still actively rapped after he became an executive, “Nah. I don't really do that no more; it don't pay the bills, dawg. I can still do it; it's like fingers, hard to lose ... like limbs! It's still that, but that's not what I do, you know? I make songs. I still can freestyle. I play around with that, and I'm on the business side too. I get my President on, and I get my exec on around here. I got Kush Entertainment; that's for DVDs. We got like three DVDs out right now, and I started Soothe Ya Soul Music and that's my label. That's NOT all hip hop. Nah. It's like...TALENT. All around talent. Even on Young Money all the artists, sing, rap -- they are multi-talented. So it's not just about hip hop.”

Mack described the scene when Hurricane Katrina hit his hometown, “I left New Orleans the night before Katrina, so I was in Houston. I was actually at Wayne's spot, and I thought I was just like leaving for two days. Usually, I stay for Hurricane warnings, and what happens is the lights go out, and I'd be sitting in the dark can't do nothin. So, I went to Houston. Everybody from New Orleans usually go out there to party. So I left everything. I just really brought two days of clothes. Left money, left pets, left a house, left a truck, left a car, left a lot of stuff so ... all materialistic stuff. None of my people died, so I been able to bounce back from that about ten times. Never really have gone back to New Orleans being the same. We thought it was gonna be one of them tropical storms passing, [the hurricane] would turn-off and we catch the light rains or heavy rain or whatever.”

Baby Mama Drama

Mack Maine went through a bit of baby mama drama when news broke of a certain woman who claimed to be the mother of his son. When the woman made the claim, the boy was already seven years old. The woman went public and brought the story to the media claiming that Mack neglects his child emotionally is a bad man and father. She claimed that he does not pay attention to her or the son. She painted a picture of an unfit father that never lifted a finger to support his family. The woman claimed that her name was Necole Bitchie and she was Mack’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his unwanted child.

She stated that Mack Maine cannot be a good husband since there was a time that he used to send her five hundred dollars but eventually stopped. She said that he made an excused and claimed that he was broke but the child support papers proved that he was making one hundred thousand dollars per month. She said that the number in the court papers weren't even accurate and she was sure that he was making even more. She cited the papers as proof that Mack Maine was the father of her child and that the media should not believe his denials. She thought it was disgusting that a man would neglect a child and act like hey didn’t exist. Some people called her a liar and said that she was just using this publicity stunt because she was jealous and wanted to get back with Mack. Necole fought back and she said she had no desire for Mack and just wanted to be rightfully compensated so that she could provide a reasonable living for their son.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 28 Jul, 1982
Age: 37 yrs
Occupations: Rapper
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: New Orleans
Gender: Male
Description: American rapper and songwriter from Louisiana
Twitter Id: Mackmaine
Net Worth 2021: 13 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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