Mal Walden

Mal Walden is a veteran Australian journalist and also a television presenter who lives at Melbourne. Walden was born in the year 1945 in the month of May 20.

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Personal Life

Walden married Pauline Durham who actually served in the programming department in HSV – 7. Pauline and Walden were blessed with twins children namely Sarah and the other one is James. Walden enjoys gardening and he is very keen and interested in fishing and golfing too. During his leisure hours, Walden enjoys playing golf and he is an enthusiastic fisherman too.


Mal Walden presently serves as the major host of Ten Eyewitness News that airs during Monday – Wednesday. His career has been very successful, where he has been very respectful and stable in the television media. Right from his venture till his retirement, Walden has been a wonderful television icon who has grabbed the attention of viewers throughout the world. He became a part of 3 DB radio stations where he served as a reporter there from the year 1970. During the year 1979, Walden replaced Brian Naylor at the Seven’s news presenter. Naylor is already an iconic television personality with high profile and background at Nine. Naylor dominated the media industry and he has been an iconic figure for more than 2 decades.

Later becoming a part of 3DB radio station, Mal switched over to the sister concern HSV – 7 during the year 1970, where he served as a reporter there. His very first work after joining HSV – 7 was to report Darwin about the desolation of Cyclone Tracy that attacked the tropical city during the year 1974, in the month of 25th December. Later in the year 1979, Mal was appointed as the senior news presenter replacing Naylor at HSV – 7 radio station. Naylor moved to the contender team GTV – 9 which gave a wonderful opportunity to Walden to shine in the industry and score the attention of viewers throughout the world.

During the year 1987, in the month of March 27, Mal got yet another appointment after HSV – 7 took the Fairfax group. Walden described his dismissal a few minutes prior leaving on air for presenting the news bulletin in the radio station. Later after a month time, Mal became a part of Eyewitness News Team in ATV – 10. Walden served as a presenter and as well as a reporter there. He also presented many interesting human factors and other stories.

Walden served as a reporter, presenter and weekend news presenter when working at ATV – 10. Also he was in-charge of presenting many other special programs like the 30th anniversary of ATV – 10 and Young Australian of the Year and many more. During the year 1996, Walden took over the responsibility as a senior news presenter when David Johnston declared his come back to HSV – 7. During the year 2013, Mal Walden declared his retirement from Network Ten and of course it has been a 40 years service as a successful news reporter and presenter. 

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 20 Mar, 1945
Age: 75 yrs
Occupations: Journalist
Citizenship: Australia
Birth Place: Melbourne
Education: Mentone Grammar School
Gender: Male
Description: Australian broadcaster
Twitter Id: MalWalden10
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Last Modified: Jun 22 2020
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