Marc Anthony

Marco Antonio Muniz, as known as Marc Anthony is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, TV producer and fashion designer. In 1994, Marc’s girlfriend, Debbie, a NYC police officer gave birth to their daughter, before marriage. Marc married Dayanara Torres, Miss Universe in 2000 and have two sons from the relationship.

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Due to unknown reasons, the couple got separated in 2002. They got reconciled and renewed their vows at the end of 2002. However, this did not last for long. In 2003, Dayanara filed for a divorce and she traded her wedding ring for a diamond encrusted Cartier watch. During his separation, Marc was seen a lot with Jennifer Lopez. Before his marital life with Dayanara, he briefly dated Jennifer Lopex. They got back together again and got married in 2004. This wedding took place just a week after his first separation was finalized.

The guests were invited to an afternoon party. The party suddenly turned into a wedding. Lopez gave birth to his twin daughters. They bought a lot of properties together and they were together till 2011. Lopez announced their separation and Anthony filed for the legal formalities in 2012. He said that they both tried a lot to make the relationship work for the sake of their kids. After the separation, Marc and Jennifer became good friends and had a strong relationship. The reason for the separation was rumored that Marc cheated on Jennifer. Marc denied having any affair. He said that they are travelling a lot and they were not able to maintain the family harmony and that’s the reason for the separation.

There was another rumor that Marc was jealous about Jennifer’s success and that caused a lot of strain on the marriage. Marc again denied being jealous of his wife. No strains were visible. The pair was working together, normally. He said that his daughters are least affected by the separation. Marc has denied all the rumors about the separation and did not give a concrete reason for the same. Marc was also fine with the fact that Jennifer was dating Capser Smart. He said that he treated his daughter well and he was happy about it.

After Jennifer Lopez, he met Chloe Green. After a year of dating, he announced that his relationship is broken. There are also rumors that they were taking a break because of their tight schedules. He had an intimate dating relationship with Green and also have attended a lot of family affairs with his children and ex-partners.

Both the parties did not give any concrete detail as to why the relationship came to an end. Green was not available for any comment on the rumor. Marc is not known to be dating anyone as of now after green. He is busy with his schedule and is often seen with Jennifer Lopez. They both tag those meetings as friendly talks and they have confirmed that they have no intentions of getting back together and Marc also commented that he is happy for Jennifer’s new boyfriend and their new life together. He said that he was also happy to be in a friendly relationship with Jennifer.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 16 Sep, 1968
Age: 51 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: New York City
Gender: Male
Description: American singer, actor, producer and philanthropist
Twitter Id: MarcAnthony
Net Worth 2021: 80 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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