Marshall Coben

Marshall Coben is known as an American actor, producer, and entertainment chairman. He is most famous for being an executive at CBS Paramount Television and the husband of actress, Jane Leeves

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Background and Age

Marshall Coben was born in America.

Career and Net Worth

Marshall Coben is a charismatic personality who is credited for many behind the camera tasks and planning. His vision behind the scenes is well respected and sought after. He’s able to give input that is valuable instead of just fluff words and empty advice that doesn’t help anyone.

Marshall Coben worked as a post production assistant for a TV show called Father Dowling Mysteries. The show was on air from 1988 to 1991. It was a good experience for Marshall’s career portfolio.

Marshall Coben has appeared in the documentary, Signal Hill Speed Run. The film was about the first skateboard race and was released in 2013. Marshall was interviewed in the documentary and was happy to have his piece end up in the final cut.

Marriage, Wife, and Kids

Marshall and Jane Leeves got married in 1996 which was during Jane’s climb to superstardom. The couple has two children. Their daughter is Isabella Kathryn Coben and their son is Finn William Leeves Coben. Marshall Coben is happily married to Jane Leeves and is proud to be the partner of the actress who was nominated for Emmy Awards. There is a strong marital bond between them and they are living a happy and healthy life together.

Jane is not only an award winning actor, but she is also a singer, producer, and dancer. She got most of her fame from her role as Daphne Moon in the sitcom Frasier. The sitcom was on air from 1994 to 2003. The show lasted almost a decade because of the American audience’s admiration for the lead British actor. The character of Fraiser was a quick witted intelligent man that was sarcastic every chance he got. The show’s success and time on air gave Jane a lot of exposure to the American media and public. Her portrayal of Daphne Moon made Jane into a hugely successful actress that was nominated for Emmy Awards as well as Golden Globe Awards.

Jane also played a character named Joy Scroggs which was another role that shot Jane to climb the ladder of success. The role of Scroggs was on the TV sitcom, Hot in Cleveland. Jane was born in Ilford, Essex, England. A British comedy television show called The Benny Hill Show is credited for her debut performance. In the US, she grabbed her first leading role in a sitcom called Throb. It was her appearance in Throb that made her center of attention for a mass of adoring fans.

The Benny Hill Show, Monty Python’s the Meaning of Life, and a David Lee Roth Music video are some of the earliest work of the British born Jane Leeves. Before really establishing herself on Fraiser, Jane found early success as a series regular on the sitcom, Murphy Brown. That show featured a strong female as the lead who was a top businesswoman. Jane owes a lot of her accumulated success to that show because it was one of the first times that she got consistent air time and scenes.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 3 million
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Last Modified: Jul 9 2020
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