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Celebrated host Maury Povich is 76 year old storyteller, who has shown us stories of hundreds of troubled souls. The amazing thing is that he is still in the show business; doing well and moving good. Amazingly, his show has been the no 1 show in the country in the demographic 18-34 for more than two hundred weeks.  

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Some say, "he is just a trash-tv host", and some say "his tv show is for the people with no job". But, in reality, Maury is someone who has covered all sorts of controversial issues on his show Maury (The Maury Povich show), which we will not be generally able to discuss. In short, he has dealt with variety of topics including teenage pregnancy, sexual infidelity, paternity test, teenage pregnancy, sexual infidelity, paternity test results, uncommon illnesses, makeovers, out of control teenagers, teenage pregnancy, un-common illness, out of control teenagers/ kids, transgender individuals, obese children., domestic violence, little people, rape, bullying, unusual phobias and many other.

The point here is that we should be able to look into things happening in our society and solve the problems or issues accordingly rather than only believing that everything is and will be a utopia.

Born on January 17, 1939, in Washington, D.C., U.S., Maury noted work credentials include Panaroma (mid-day talk show, WTTG-TV), tabloid infotainment show A Current Affair, The Maury Povich Show, Maury, Twenty One and Weekens with Maury and Connie (hosted the MSNBC weekend news program with his wife Connie from January 2006- June 2006).

Now moving on to his physical configuration, the American national of white ethnicity is not a tall man with the height of 6 feet and 1 inch. He has a short hairstyle (dark-borwn whitening hair) and normal weight.

Talking about his relationship status, he has been married two times. His first marriage with Phyllis Minkoff lasted for 17 years (m. 1962 – 1979). Since the year 1984, he has been married to news anchor and multiple-networks reporter Connie Chung. As per our knowledge, Maury has three children altogether; two daughters from his marriage with Phyllis, and a 1995 adopted son with Chung.

The loving husband and wife also own a 2007 started online/offline newspaper named Flathed-Beacon.

1962 Journalism graduate from University of Pennsylvania, Maury started his career as a reporter for Washington DC located radio station WWDC. After that, he went on to work for various media outlets over the period of 20 to 21 years as reporter, sports-caster, news anchor, talk-show host and correspondent.

From 1986 to 1990, he became in-charge of A Current Affair, an infotainment show focusing on both hard news and entertainments including gossips, scandals and exploitative tabloid journalism. If you didn't know, many have labeled the show as the TMZ of that period.

Since 1991, he has been the front-man of Maury or The Maury Povach show. He is known for being neutral and calm in the show. Because of his show the line "you are not the father" has gone viral.

Anyway, the show was originally used to be produced by Maury's own production company MoPo Productions in association with Paramount Domestic Television. Later, MoPo Productions started co-producing the show with NBCUniversal (then Studios USA) after the Studios USA takeover of 1998. The Maury Show is particularly credited for giving individuals and family a space to share what they are feeling. Not only that, the troubled people starring In the show can also avoid high lie detactor costs and dna-test costs appearing in his show, as Maury's show is not going to charge you for being in television and sharing your  concerns.

Impressively, Maury also covered huge events such as the aftermath of the assassination of JFK, the riots in Washington following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., anti-war demonstrations during the Vietnam War and the historic events of Watergate during his time at WTTV hosting Panorama (1967-1977). Interestingly, Panorama was an important show for American people then as the show would cover all major news. Then, the idea of 24 hours cable news hadn't been flourished yet.

Two times president (consecutive) of the NTA New York Chapter of the National Television, Maury, in 2006, enjoyed the Governor's Award from the New York Chapter Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. According to his site, he got the award "for his distinguished service to the Academy and his exceptional contributions to the television industry spanning his 40 year career."

Impressively, the man worth around or more than 45 million US dollar showed the world in 2011 that he has big heart as well. Amazingly, he handed a 1 million $ gift to his alma meter, University of Pennsylvania, in 2011. According to his site, the major reason about such a huge gift was specifically to the school’s Kelly Writers House, to establish the Povich Fund for Journalism Programs.  Also, in 2006, he established the Writer-in-Residence program in the university, which encouraged the university to add advanced journalism classes to their writing curricula.

Some interesting wiki- Maury mother, deceased Shirley Povich, was a celebrated Washingoton Post sports columnist.

One can follow Moury on his Twitter (63.4k followers) and Instagram (56.1 k followers) profile. His Twitter handle is @TheMAURYShow, and his Twitter description is given as:

"All comments & photos to this account may be used on TV, the web & all social media by The MAURY Show & affiliates & are subject to our Terms of Submission.

 Stamford, CT

 Joined October 2008"

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Quick Facts
Birth Date: 17 Jan, 1939
Age: 81 yrs
Occupations: Television presenter
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Washington, D.C.
Education: University of Pennsylvania
Gender: Male
Description: American television presenter
Spouse: Connie Chung [M. 1984]
Phyllis Minkoff[1962-1979]
Net Worth 2021: 80 million
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Last Modified: Feb 19 2023
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