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At the age of 19, Mike married his first wife, Alexandra Lorex. That same year, he began his career as a full-time contractor and started his first contracting company with 13 employees. At 21, he became the father of a daughter, Amanda. He then started his own renovation company and, due to the extra income, Mike and his wife decided to have more children. They had a daughter, Sherry, and a son, Mike Holmes Jr. When they were old enough, Mike Jr. and Sherry worked with Mike's regular work crew on his show Holmes Inspection, while Amanda worked in his office doing administrative duties. Mike was proud that his children had followed in his footsteps. After two decades in his career, Mike was the successful owner of two companies. However, the economic recession hit the construction industry and, as expected, did not spare Mike's business. He went bankrupt and even reached a point where he considered selling his business, feeling like a burden on his family.

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This financial stress caused his marriage to crumble and, at the age of 30, Mike was forced to sell his car and was eventually separated from his wife. A month after the split, Mike's father died at the early age of 55 due to an accident while walking down a narrow staircase without a handrail. Mike has not been married since the divorce, but he is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Anna Zapia, a showroom model, even though they are not legally married. Mike and Anna live in a mansion in Georgetown and have many exotic pets, including a polar bear, a cobra, and an iguana named Pippa.


Besides being a successful self-made businessman, a father, and a TV celebrity renowned for his home improvement skills, Mike also loves to give back to society. He does so through his foundation called Holmes Foundation Make It Right. On the home page of the foundation's website, Mike's mission statement is to "stop shoddy work at its root and help skilled trades students get the education they need to become top professionals." Mike Holmes established the Holmes Foundation to increase tradespeople's education and prevent shoddy work due to a lack of understanding. Scholarships and bursaries are awarded by the foundation to students studying residential buildings. Mike constantly finds new ways to combine his charity work with his professional business. The latest example was the Helmets for Charity auction, where the initiative received generous personal donations. The auction sold numerous construction helmets with 28 beautiful designs in total.

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Quick Facts
Height: 6' 1"
Marital Status: Married
Wife: Anna Zappia
Date of Birth: 03-08-1963
T.V. Show(s): Holmes on Homes, Holmes Inspection, Home Free, IQ: Live from London
Children: Sherry Holmes, Amanda Holmes, Mike Holmes Jr.
Ex. Wife: Alexandra Lorex
Profession: Businessman, investor, television host, philanthropist
Birth Place: Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada
Net Worth: $25 million
Nationality: Canadian
Ethnicity: White
Employer: Construction company
Birth Sign: Leo
Marriage Date: 2000
Birth Date: 3 Aug, 1963
Age: 56 yrs
Occupations: Television presenter
Master builder
Construction contractor
Citizenship: Canada
Birth Place: Halton Hills
Education: British Columbia Institute of Technology
Gender: Male
Description: General contractor, television home-renovation host
Twitter Id: Make_It_Right
Net Worth 2020: 30 million
Net Worth 2021: 30 million
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Last Modified: Feb 27 2023
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