Montel Williams

Montel Williams with full name Montel Brian Anthony Williams was born to Williams, a fire chief in Baltimore.  He had a successful career in military until he decided to leave the army to become a motivational speaker full time. His show Montel Williams Show started in 1991 and it had 17 seasons. This made his name to be a household name.  He is the youngest in four children and he grew up in Baltimore neighborhood in Cherry Hill before they move to Glen Burnie when he was 6.

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Montel Williams has two daughters: Ashley and Maressa with Rochelle See, who was his first wife. He got married to Grace Morley in 1992, they have a son together but their marriage ended in 2000.  He became a boyfriend to Tara Fowler who worked in American Airlines, he proposed in 2007 and he is still her husband.

 Montel Williams was diagnosed to have multiple sclerosis during the year 1999. In 2000, he created a nonprofit organization to focus on the research of the problems and its education.  He said that he uses medical cannabis as the way to deal with his multiple sclerosis because of the neuropathic pain. He supports legalizing the use of medical cannabis.  He said that snowboarding is one of the best medicines for his condition.

Montel Williams was a good student and he studied in Andover High school which was made up by white students mostly. He went ahead to break the racial barrier when he become the president for his school in 1974. His father was also the first black to become fire chief.  After high school, Williams joined Marines and this paved the way for him to be one of the first black Marine to go to the Naval Academy Prep School in Rhode Island.  He was one of the four who graduated in this school in 1976.

He joined the US Naval Academy and he graduated in 1980 with Bachelor of Science in the Engineering.  He also learned to speak Chinese and Russian.  However, Montel Williams was ambitious and he did not see the life in the military.  In 1989, he resigned from being a fulltime military and he turned to be a motivational speaker.  He is the founder of a no profit organization called Reach for the American Dream. The association gives a chance to high school students who are not able to afford high school fee for their education.

The rise of the stardom started with his speaking work.  His talking style caught the attention of PepsiCo and it founded most of his speeches. Montel Williams has a net worth of 10 million and he got most of his money from the salary of being a host for many talk shows.  His show ran for 17 years and he aired 4325 episodes.  Before becoming a host on the television, he was also military personnel. He was a Corporal Marines with a degree that majored in General Engineering and a minor degree in the international affairs.  He worked in Navy for 22 years. 

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 3 Jul, 1956
Age: 63 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Baltimore
Education: United States Naval Academy
Gender: Male
Description: American talk show host
Net Worth 2021: 15 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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