Nadine Belfort

Marriage, Husband, and Kids

Nadine first met Jordan Belfort when she was in her twenties. The person who introduced Nadine to Jordan was her boyfriend at the time, Alan Wilzig, the former president of the Trust Company of New Jersey and also a former professional car race driver. Nadine had been dating Alan for two years and was living with him when Alan took her to a Fourth of July bash hosted by Jordan, who at that time was still married to his first wife, Denise Lomabardo. Nadine and Jordan were instantly attracted to each other and began having an affair.

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Nadine soon broke up with Alan and Jordan promptly divorced his wife and the couple began a tumultuous and dysfunctional relationship. In 1991, immediately after finalizing the details of his divorce from Denise, Jordan married Nadine in a lavish ceremony that took place in the Caribbean. The couple would eventually go on to have two children. The older was a girl named Chandler and she was followed by a boy named Carter.

Problems started materializing soon after the wedding. Behind closed doors, Jordan used to beat her and this behavior eventually led to a serious incident. Jordan, who was under the constant influence of drugs, alcohol, and work-related stress, had kicked Nadine while she was carrying his daughter. Immediately afterward, he rushed outside and tried to drive away, still very much intoxicated. He didn’t get very far in his inebriated state and crashed the vehicle into a pillar decorating their home on Long Island. This scene was depicted in Martin Scorsese’s movie, The Wolf of Wall Street. To make matters worse, he still had his daughter with him throughout the incident and had placed her in the passenger seat before crashing the car.

After this episode, Nadine forced her husband to go into rehab, but their marriage was effectively over. She eventually gave up as he just could not rein in his abusive behavior and she filed for divorce from Jordan in 2005.

Nadine got married for a second time, this time to entrepreneur John Macaluso, the former CEO of Wizard World Inc. Macaluso and his company are well known to many for producing numerous comic book conventions around the country. The company is also known for publishing the now-defunct Wizard magazine, a staple fantasy gaming, and comic book periodical popular in the 90’s. In 2016, Macaluso stepped down from his role as CEO at Wizard World saying he wanted to focus more on family and his new wife.

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