Nancy Alspaugh

Nancy Alspaugh is sexy and beautiful and she has been a talented screenwriter. She was nominated for a daytime Emmy award for being outstanding special class writer and for the outstanding Talk Show. She is active fro Act Today which is a non for profit organization. She is sweet and sexy and she was born around 1950s. She was born and also raised in United States of America. She was in relationship with Matt Lauer for some time and they decided to get married in the year 1981. Matt Lauer works as a TV Journalist and he is known because he is the host of Today Show of NBC. However, the marriage did not work out and they decided to get divorce in the year 1988. According to Nancy Alspaugh’s biography, she was born in the year 1955 and she is a producer and a writer known for different work like Caryl & Marilyn: Real Friends, the Bradshaw Difference and Leeza.

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Nancy Alspaugh did not get children during the first marriage and she had to change the focus and stopped to be interested more on television work and started to educate people and to make awareness of autism while she also started the movement known as Fearless aging and it is among the accomplishment that she was able to achieve. She is also known to be a published author. The group started with her friend called Marilyn Kentz decided to write a book known as Not Your Mother’s Midlife: A Ten Step Guide to Fearless Aging. The book and the movement are meant to help the women to work together to face things that can came in their way when they reach the mid life or middle life.

After her divorce, she got married again and her second husband is Read Jacobson. He is executive of Fox Television. A couple has six years old son and he suffers autism. When she found out about this disease with her children, Nancy felt that it is important that families that have children with this problem can have a person to turn to when they need an advice, assistance and support while dealing with the disorder. She designed the annual Denim and Diamonds meant to be used for fundraising Autism for benefitting ACT Today. This fundraiser is meant to help the families who are in a need and it is held each year at the ranch of her family. She was able to correct over 200,000 dollars to help needy family that have the children who are suffering autism.

Nancy Alspaugh does not care too much after divorcing Matt Lauer. On his turn, he married again but there were some rumors that he may be divorcing his second wife because of cheating scandal. Her ex husband Matt started to work in this career from 1970s and has a net worth of over 60 million from his salary.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 5 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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