Neil Diamond

After releasing his solo album and working with "The Monkees," Diamond made several TV appearances, including singing gigs on "The Mike Douglas Show," "The Merv Griffin Show," and he even portrayed a dramatic rock star. On an episode of "Mannix." Diamond was beginning to find his voice which was somewhere between Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. He soon gained widespread acceptance among young and old fans with his heartfelt and beautiful music. Critics called his music too "middle-of-the-road" and compared it to a generic-sounding copy of other artists.

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Personal Life

Neil Leslie Diamond was married three times, his first marriage in 1963 to his high school sweetheart Jaye Posner. Diamond and Posner would have two daughters together, but the pair separated just four years after tying the knot. The divorce was finalized in 1969, but he was quick to bounce back, and he immediately remarried to his second wife, Marcia Murphey, who would have two sons with Diamond named Jesse and Micah. Although his second marriage lasted much longer than the first, it would end in 1995.

The separation of Neil Diamond and Marica Murphey is one of the most expensive separations in the celebrity world. Murphey lived with him for 25 years and walked away with half of his earnings during that time totaling $150 million. Diamond declined to hire any attorneys for the settlement and said that Murphey was worth every penny. The pair reportedly worked out the divorce settlement over the phone within 15 minutes, making Diamond perhaps one of the most generous ex-husbands of all time. Diamond still maintains excellent relationships with his ex-wives.

In 2011, the world-renowned singer would announce his engagement to Katie McNeil through Twitter 2011. Diamond and McNeil got married on April 21, 2012, after a brief affair with Rae Farley. The singer isn't afraid to admit he is a high-maintenance husband and said he loved being married. His spouses said it took a lot of patience to be with him because he was such a demanding spouse. He said he lost hope in remarrying after splitting up with Murphey, but he is glad he gave McNeil a chance because the pair is still happily married.

Diamond admitted that he was the reason behind the failure of his previous marriages because he always put his career first and was very demanding of his partner. The 77-year-old singer said that his 2014 album "Melody Road" was inspired by his relationship with McNeil. "There's no better inspiration or motivation for work than being in love," Diamond said. "It's what you dream of as a creative person. I was able to complete this album – start it, write it and complete it – under the spell of love, and I think it shows somehow."

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Quick Facts
Birth Date: 24 Jan, 1941
Age: 79 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Brooklyn
Education: Erasmus Hall High School
Gender: Male
Description: American recording artist; singer-songwriter
Twitter Id: Neildiamond
Net Worth 2021: 200 million
Last Modified: Feb 19 2023
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