Pete Wentz

Peter Lewis Kingston is Pete Wentz’s real name. He was born on 5th June 5 1979. He is an American rock band bassist and a lyricist for Fall Out Boy, an American rock band. He has played for the music genres emo, pop punk, metalcore, pop rock, hard metal, etc. Pete has suffered from chronic depression and anxiety and is reported to addict to Xanax. He is also an entrepreneur.

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A few rock band artists are all about blood, sugar, sex and magic. Many stories about this rock artist have featured in Rolling Stones magazine. He and Ashlee Simpson got married in 2008. This marriage did not last long given to Pete’s drug addiction and unpredictable behaviour. They finally sought a divorce in 2011. Post the break up, Pete is said to binge on mood stabilizers and pills such as Xanax. It worsened his condition. He was a very adorable boyfriend and a doting husband to Ashlee Simpson. This is also a proof that rock and pop are like oil and water, they are not made to blend. It could have been an exception if their wedding lasted longer. Usually, rock artists suffer from chronic depression, leading to ADHD and bipolar disorder.

Peter has been suffering from bipolar disorder, since he was eighteen. These folks have very erratic mood swings and a volatile temper. Not every bipolar patient is violent, but that trait cannot be over looked. His disorder messed up his career and personal life. These folks have maniac episodes, need a very patient and a calm partner who can understand their state of mind, and be there for them.

Ashlee as a wife must have been supportive. She probably could not take this drama and finally, ended her relationship with Peter. It must have messed her up too as she has been serially dating post her split up. Pete now has an affair with his current girlfriend, Meagan Camper. Pete said in an interview, that he took a heavy dosage of prescribed drugs, which made him paranoid. Post his break up with Ashlee, he became so paranoid and started doubting everything that he actually hired a team to check if he had any bugs or hidden cameras in his house. He has been giving very candid interviews post his break up with Ashlee. He said that he has recovered a great deal from drug addiction and has become a bit more stable now.

Most of the rock band artists, apart from creating awesome music, make drug abuse their trademark. There is not a single exception to this attribute. Almost, all the rock artists have of tattoos, offbeat hairdos, failed relationships, bad childhood, disturbing life experiences and long suffering from depression. They try to heal themselves using music. Their lyrics also suggest their lost love and emotional disturbances in depth. Rock lyrics are a true sign of poetry in the form of elegy as they delineate the tapestry of complex emotions. They are about intense feelings and emotions, spun out of difficult experiences.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 5 Jun, 1979
Age: 40 yrs
Occupations: Singer
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Wilmette
Education: DePaul University
Gender: Male
Description: American musician
Twitter Id: Petewentz
Spouse: Ashlee Simpson
Net Worth 2021: 18 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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