Reggie Miller

Known for his legendary career, Halls Of Fame guard Reggie Miller (net worth- 90 million US dollars), a Five-time All-star player, who is arguably the best 3 pointer of all time, is currently employed at TNT as an NBA commentator.

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Amazingly, he retired with Indiana Pacers as a NFL-pro in 1987 holding the record for most career 3 points field goals (2560). Impressively, he spent 18 years with Indiana Pacers as a NFL-pro. Still, he holds the second position in the category.

 Now moving on to his physical configuration, the American national of black ethnicity is a towering man with the height of 5 feet and 7 inches. Nevertheless, he is an athletic man possessing bald hair. From analyzing his most recent pictures, we have arrived to a conclusion that he is not as much as athletic now as he used to be as a player. Also, it looks like he gained some belly fat over the years.

Talking about his relationship status, Reggie is currently dating his girlfriend who is allegedly the mother of his toddler son Ryker, with whom Reggie plays kids-basketball nowadays. Amazingly, Reggie has placed a plastic, basketball goal for Ryker in his house.

Previously, he was married (m.1992 to 2001) to Marita Stravou, a Wihelmina model and actress, whom he first met through ex-Laker superstar Magic Johnson.

Marita and Reggie's divorce allegedly occurred because Reggie advised her to be a low-profile wife and Marita went against his idea, as she wanted to make a name for herself. According to some verifiable reports, Marita got 5 million US dollars as the divorce alimony as per as their prenup. However,  Marita later took Reggie to the court claiming that he lied about his actual wealth in the process of divorce settlement and  the agreed amount which he deposited annually till his divorce (5 million US dollar, 5 % of his wealth per year) wasn't the correct figure. She mainly accused him of shuttling huge sums of money to his buddies to hide his wealth. The matter was later solved by the court.

And in one weekend in August, 2009 another controversy surround Reggie when a banner " Reggie Miller Stop Pursuing Married Woman" was flown over Southern California beaches. According to a report, Alex who was against Reggie flirting with Ali Kay was responsible for the banner. Reports have it that Ali and Reggie first met in a party and later in a grocery store. He then allegedly followed her out of the store. Later, he allegedly sent her 53 text messages over the course of less than four hours.

If you didn't know, then, Ali Kay was Reggie's neighbor engaged to Alex Von Fustenburg.

The report goes on, Alex confronted Reggie but Reggie threatened him stating he had friends with gun, and Alex would get hurt if he doesn't stop questioning him about Ali. And, when Diana and Ali decided to take the matter to the court, Reggie apologized taking the suggestion of his lawyer.

However, according to the report, all party came to agreement to end the matter after the apology. In spite of such agreement, the banner appeared insulting Reggie. Now, many conspiracy theorist say the banner wasn’t flown because of Ali, but because he was dating another married woman.

And, guess what? Reggie has already spoken about the Ali controversy. According to him, he first met Ali at a Malibu supermarket and then stared texting her as she was texting him as well. Also, Ali has revealed that she also messaged him two provocative pictures (he has disclosed the pictures).

After a month, Ali removed her from his contact list and again after a month from the removal, Ali met him asking why he went out of touch. And, it was after the meeting Alex went on to act like a jealous fiancée- - repeatedly calling Miller's friends and even hiring a private investigator to tail Reggie. However, none of the stories went to the court as both of their lawyers  went on to issue restraining order against one another.  Fortunately, the matter was solved outside of the court.

Born on August 24, 1965, in Riverside, California, Reggie upbringing took place in a military family with his sister Cheryl Miller (one of five siblings), who would later become an ESPN reporter and a WNBA star. He later attended UCLA and graduated in History.

If you didn’t know, Reggie has had fair share of  struggles in his life. Being born with hip deformities, he struggled to walk properly as a young soul. Later, he started wearing braces on both legs thereby developing enormous leg strength.

Simply Reggie was a orthodox player who started working so hard on his gameplan that his fallacies turned into his strong features by the time he went pro.  When he retired, he was the All-time leading 3 point shooter with two thousand and five hundred sixty three pointer made.

In short, Reggie is known for his orthodox style of play (commonly crosses his wrists after his quick release, big diper, wide landing, rough jump shot, thumb flick and magnetic clutch).

Love him or hate him, you just cannot ignore him. When he played he always attracted drama (trash talking, but he surely showed swagger and emotions whenever he played.  

Yes, it's true that he was one of the cockiest athletes of all time. One of his favorite cockiest moments if we have to choose was putting his hands around his neck and then pretending to "choke" in front of movie director Spike Lee after defeating his beloved New York Knicks.

Talking about Knicks, Reggie is also known as "Knick-Killer" because he always managed to punish many teams (mostly Knicks) in pressure situations. Believe it or not, he managed all of the success despite being only 180 pounds. His pre Indiana career with UCLA Bruins was remarkably successful as well. He led UCLA to various championships with his 3 points field goals and broke various records.

More wiki on his professional life can be accessed via his Wikipedia biography.  

Fans can connect Reggie on his Twiiter (710 k followers) and Instagram(62.9 k followers) profiles. His Twitter handle is @ReggieMillerTNT, and his Twitter bio is given as:

"18-year NBA vet, best known for 3-pointers and trash talking. Currently a game analyst for TNT's Thurs. night doubleheaders. HOF 2012. Insta:@ReggieMillerTNT

Joined October 2010"

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Quick Facts
Birth Date: 24 Aug, 1965
Age: 54 yrs
Occupations: Basketball player
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Riverside
residence: Riverside
Gender: Male
Description: American basketball player
Net Worth 2021: 80 million
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Last Modified: Feb 19 2023
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