Sacred Riana

Who is Sacred Riana? How Sacred Riana became popular?

Sacred Riana is an Indonesian magician and illusionist who was born on July 13, 1992, in Indonesia to her father Chrisiandy Yuniarto. Her real name is Marie Antoinette Riana Graharani but she goes by her stage-name Sacred Riana. She attended St. Ursula Catholic School before going on to attend the University of Bunda Mulia. From an early age, Riana was interested in magic and how illusions were made. She is known for occasionally bringing her creepy ghostlike alter-ego off stage in a seemingly impossible feat. Her performances have garnered over 70 million combined views on Facebook and YouTube. She appeared on season 1 of "The Next Mentalist" where she placed second. Riana also appeared on "Asia's Got Talent" season 2 which she won, and "America's Got Talent" where she was a season 13 quarterfinalist.

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Riana's appearance is based on the character Sadako from the Japanese horror film "The Ring". She wears her long, dark hair falling in front of her face and she uses a prop doll which is reminiscent of the horror film character Annabelle from the film "The Conjuring". She even acts the part during her show by having twitchy head and hand movement and always stands with one leg bent and maintains an expressionless face during her creepy act.

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Last Modified : Jan 11 2019