Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson celebrates her birthday on the every 22nd of October. Sarah Richardson's year of birth, according to her biography, is 1971. At the moment, Sarah Richardson is 44 years old. As her 45th birthday is coming soon, she planned to celebrate it in a Canadian farmhouse. Speaking of astrology, Sarah Richardson was born under the astrological Sun sign of Libra. Libra people are known to be very creative and have an eye for details. No wonder Sarah Richardson was born as Libra, since she is one of the most exclusive interior designers and property designers in Canada. The height of Sarah Richardson is 1.67 meters, which is, according to medical statistics, an average height of a Canadian person of the female gender. Her weight is ideal for her height, and it is 58 kilograms.

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Sarah has a combination of brown and auburn hair. Her eyes are of gray and green colors. She wears a lot of jewelry to make her eyes prominent, especially earrings, which are the closest to her beautiful eyes. Sarah Richardson's birthplace is a city called Toronto in the Canadian province of Ontario. She was born to parents Susan Richardson, her mother, and to Douglas Richardson, her father. The maiden name of Sarah Richardson's mom was Susan Cuddy. Her family is not only consisted of her parents - Sarah also has one male sibling. The name of Sarah Richardson's older brother is Theo Richardson. Just like his sister Sarah, Theo Richardson is also involved in the interior design and property design. The dad of Sarah Richardson was a Professor of Art and Architecture with a job at the University of Toronto. The parents of Sarah Richardson underwent divorce when Sarah was only five years old. The mom of Sarah Richardson was employed at the local governmental office of the City of Toronto. Since her early childhood, Sarah Richardson had an eye for details and fashion. Her mom thought that she would become a fashion designer. But, Sarah was more interested in designing houses. Sarah was the one who gave her mother ideas on how to renovate their family villa in Toronto and several kitchens within the villa.


According to the biography of Sarah Richardson, she had first attended an elementary school in the place of her birth - Toronto, Ontario. She was a prominent student at her elementary school and was exceptionally good at arts. After her primary education, Sarah went to a private high school in Toronto, Ontario. She also attended the Havergal Preparatory College. After her education at the Havergal Preparatory, Sarah enrolled at the University of Western Ontario. She studied Visual Arts during her University education. Sarah graduated as Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts from the University of Western Ontario. Her education in interior design and the talent for architecture and interior design acquired Sarah Richardson a net worth of $20 million.


Sarah started her career as the designer of interiors and the property designers in the year of 1994. Besides working privately as an interior designer, she also hosted several television shows on the interior design concept - Room Service, Sarah's House, etc. According to her biography, Sarah also published a book about interior design. Her career in interior design earned Sarah a net worth above 20 million dollars.

Personal Life

Sarah Richardson is at the moment a married woman. The name of her husband is Alexander Younger. The Younger-Richardson couple has two daughters. Sarah leads an ideal life with her spouse and doesn't plan divorce from Alexander Young.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 3 million
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Last Modified: Jul 10 2020
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