Shane Watson

Shane Watson was a renowned cricketer from Australia. He took the retirement in the early 2016. He had received a lot of fame in his career from his followers.

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Personal life

Shane Watson or Shane Robert Watson was born in 1981 on June 7 in Australia. We do not have any information about his early life or childhood years. He is known to us from the time he came into this cricket career. After completing his graduation and further studies, he decided to move forward with his passion. He had a passion for the cricket from a very early age. He used to play cricket with his friends in his school life, as said by him in an interview. He used to play so good that the teachers as well as his friends appreciated him. He was very famous in his school and university days, due to this talent. His talent in cricket had also helped him to win a few trophies in some matches.

He got the chance to officially join cricket during the early 2000 and played for exactly sixteen years. During this time, he achieved the desired success and also settled in his family life. Now, he lives with his wife and daughter and is also very happy. Though he does not like to share much about his personal life, we can understand the kind of bonding he shares with his family from the pictures we get to see on the social networking sites. The amount of net worth owned by him must be also high. Though he sought retirement now, he has earned a lot in his career through several match appearances. Despite the several disturbances in his career, he never shifted his focus and had always put his concentration in his career and work.


Watson joined the cricket career officially in the 2000 but started playing in the team from the year 2002 to play against South Africa. In his first debut match, he was successful to score a century but still did not get the chance in the tour match. Just before the 2003 Cricket World Cup, he had a fracture in the back portion of his body due to which he could not participate in the match.

Though his fracture made his career suffer a lot but he did not lose hope and returned in the 2004-2005 ODI season. He served as a bowler in the next few matches till Jamie Cox recognized him as a batsman, which changed Watson's life. With Watson as a right-handed batsman, the team achieved its first victory. After this victory, Watson brought many trophies and achieved many victories to finally establish his name as a cricketer. He was also made the Captain of the Sydney Thunder team and also the T20 Captain of the ODI match which took place in the 2016. This was the last match of Watson's career and he took the retirement from his international cricket career in the same year.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 17 Jun, 1981
Age: 38 yrs
Occupations: Cricketer
Citizenship: Australia
Birth Place: Ipswich
Gender: Male
Description: Australian cricketer
Net Worth 2021: 28 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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