Sharon Tay

"People point to Connie Chung, and I certainly respect her, but it's important to establish your own niche. Instead of following someone, take a part of that person and incorporate it into your own. I want to be Sharon Tay. I have very high standards for myself and I am my worst critic. As long as I know I put in my best, I'm happy."

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-Sharon tay

Critics have pulled her legs for several times criticizing her for being too sexy. However, she is not moved by such allegations. The brown eyed beauty has silenced everyone with her work credentials and lively personality. She is confident and outspoken. More importantly, she is not afraid to showcase her sexy side. Of course, loads of magazines have taken advantage of her confident nature by featuring her.

A true bluestocking, Sharon is celebrated for her fit hourglass shaped body, strong  and shapely arms, legs and thighs, big breasts, slim waist, attractive buttocks, pouty lips, cat eyes, well maintained long brown hair and irresistible personality.

Sharon Tay, a five-time Emmy award and one time Associated Award winning television journalist who is also known for her promising acting credentials, has been functioning as a cherished news anchor and host for CBS since 2013. If you may, she is a rating magnet and has a track record of increasing ratings wherever she goes. 

Her previous notable work credentials include working for reputed media institutions such as KMST (investigative reporter), BNN (writer and producer for the weekend news show), KCCN-TV (general assignment, reporter / consumer plus exploratory /undercover reporter), KTLA-5 (general assignment journalist, weekend host and host), MSNBC (host and anchor) and KCAL9 (host and news anchor).

If you may, she has been active soul in the American television journalism industry since 1993, the year she joined Boston's BNN at the age of 20.

From covering critical situations like Malibure fire, the Northridge earthquake, various business affairs to producing her own consumer investigative unit, Sharon has covered diverse stories in her long career. Nonetheless, she is not only known for her on-screen prowess but also for her personal style, charm and humor.

Anyway, Sharon has proved that she is every bit ready to cope up with the pressures of modern day broadcast journalism. Perhaps, her rhinoplasty plastic surgery justifies this notion. You may or may not agree with her plastic surgery maneuver. But you cannot say that it's a wrong decision. Sharon felt that her nose was slightly bigger than her face and thus, she went for the surgery.

 Nevertheless, Sharon hasn't kept herself limited to acting. Amazingly, she has also ventured out to acting. Impressively, she can easily be proclaimed one of the most popular occasional television actresses of today.

 If you are not aware, her most notable television credentials include acting in television series such as Las Vegas, True Blood, NCIS: LOS Angeles, and also in movies such as Independence Day, No Strings Attached, The Pink Panthar 2, Fast Five and Nightcrawler.

Born on October 15, 1966 in Singapore, Sharon is a Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism graduate (minor in International Relations) from the Boston University.

Now moving on to her physique, she is not a tall woman with the height of 5 feet and 3 inches. However, she is widely recognized as a beautiful Asian American woman possessing lucrative body. Impressively, she possesses an attractive hourglass shaped body of body measurements of 34-25-34 inches. Interestingly, she doesn't look like she is 49. The secret to her young luminous body are her low calorie diet plans and timely exercise routines.

Talking about her relationship status, her current relationship status is a complete mystery. Tabloids suggest that she is a married woman. However, we cannot verify such notions unless Sharon verifies it. Anyway, it's true that she dated her high school sweetheart for about four years in Massachusetts. In an interview, Sharon revealed that the relationship ended when she moved to Boston to pursue her academics.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 15 Oct, 1966
Age: 53 yrs
Occupations: Journalist
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Singapore
residence: Los Angeles
Education: Boston University
Gender: Female
Description: American journalist
Twitter Id: SharonTay888
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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