Susan Flannery

Susan Flannery is known as an American television and film actress. She is most famous for her role in a soap opera called The Bold and the Beautiful.

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Background and Age

Susan Flannery was born on July 31, 1939, in Jersey City, New Jersey. Susan received her early education in Manhattan, New York. She received her bachelor’s degree from Stephens College in 1962. Stephen’s college was known for being a famous women's college in Columbia, Missouri.

Marriage, Husband, and Kids

Susan likes to describe herself as a quiet and private person. A famous Gay rights activist named Rita Mae Brown was a good friend with Susan in the 1970s. The loved to spend time together in Los Angeles where people were more open to gay relations than other parts of the country. The two friends met through a mutual friend named Fannie Flagg.

Rita wrote about Susan in her 1996 memoir called Rita Will. She described Susan as “Almost white-blonde, with a heart-shaped face, blue eyes, and a great figure, she appeared every inch a woman ready to become a major movie star. She had looks, talent, and drive. What she lacked was the ability to kiss ass. Just when her career should have rocketed, it began to drop to Earth. Approaching forty added to the tension.”

Susan’s character description for her friend was accurate and brutally honest. She was full of talent but was reluctant to play the Hollywood game. In the acting industry, there are politics that people must play in order to move up. Unfortunately, talent alone can’t get you the respect you deserve. You have to grease the palms of the people in power just for a chance at succeeding. Susan was starting to age and started to fear that she would not get her big break.

There were rumors that directors and producers found her difficult to work with. There was even mention of people labeling her as a “difficult dyke”. That implied that she was being held back because of her homosexual lifestyle. Some of her agents and advisors tried to convince her to create a fake heterosexual image to make things easier for her. People were wondering why she did not have a man by her side. Susan refused to give in because she did not want to lead a false life.

Susan is a proud lesbian but there isn’t much information available publicly on her past girlfriends or relationships. She adopted her daughter in 1987. Susan and Blaise have lived a happy life together in New York.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 31 Jul, 1939
Age: 80 yrs
Occupations: Actor
Television actor
Film actor
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Jersey City
Education: Stephens College
Gender: Female
Description: Actress
Net Worth 2020: 9 million
Net Worth 2021: 9 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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