Tammy Bruce

Tammy jumped on the bashing of the young boy when she said, "I guess we're giving birth to snowflakes now because that looked like that kid needed a safe space in that room." The long-time Fox contributor couldn't resist comparing the child to the extreme left-wing party. She wanted to ridicule them and used the young boy as an example. She continued to insult the young boy when she said, "he pretty much stalked the vice president. He can be compared to Melissa Click, the Mizzou professor who infamously threatened journalists during a rally. He is the product of bad parenting. He's seen it either on television, maybe he's seen it at home, but he felt aggrieved because, I don't know, the vice president maybe slightly touched his nose. It's pretty amazing."

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The young boy's mother wouldn't stay quiet as anchors like Bruce mocked her young boy. The mother, Dr. Ingrid Herrera-Yee, appeared on CNN's The Lead to talk with the host Jake Tapper and she said, "Michael is ten years old. He is on the autism spectrum. He's a military child. And he loves the White House." She continued to say that her family was beyond devastated by the public mockery. She demanded that Fox issue an apology and learn a lesson, "Please don't use kids. It doesn't matter that he's autistic or a military kid. Forget all that. He's a kid. And you don't use children as examples on national television like that."

Fox did not ignore her message because the public had gotten a hold of it. On a Fox broadcast, Bruce made a brief appearance to make an apology to the boy and his family, "First of all, I am so sorry to the family. My intention was never to hurt a kid and his mom. We had no idea that Michael was on the autism spectrum and, as a gay woman and feminist, I've spent my adult life working to improve the lives of women and children and those who are disenfranchised. I get it, and I apologize. I also appreciated the boy's mother's public comments and clarity on this. No matter the intent, the main lesson here is to leave kids out of our political discussions. We certainly agree on this."

Personal Life

At 17, Bruce fell in love with Brenda Benet, a 34-year-old actress in Walking Tall, Days of Our Lives, and The Incredible Hulk. They lived together for about a year before Bruce moved out.

Benet committed suicide at her house during a lunch meeting with Bruce on April 7, 1982, two years after they first met and two weeks after Bruce moved out.

Bruce wrote about the incident in her book, "The Death of Right and Wrong." She stated that they were attracted to each other romantically. Two weeks before her suicide, Bruce had left the apartment. On the day of her killing herself, Bruce was at her apartment and sensed something wrong.

Tammy admitted that she was a bi-sexual but didn't mind being a lesbian or a bi-sexual. Known for her guts, activities, and thoughts, she is a strong woman with a tomboy image.

She is a frank, outspoken, and multitalented person who enjoys her work and has a strong image in her society. She is said to be a fearless daredevil who is ready to die for any cause that she believes in.

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Quick Facts
Birth Date: 20 Aug, 1962
Age: 57 yrs
Occupations: Radio personality
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Los Angeles
Education: University of Southern California
Gender: Female
Description: American broadcaster and political activist
Net Worth 2021: 3 million
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Last Modified: Sep 19 2021
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