Theryn Meyer

Theryn Meyer is known as transgender social media personality and influencer.

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Theryn Meyer was born in South Africa but currently resides in Canada. She was not always a person that identified as a woman. She was born as a male but when she was growing up, she realized that she was more feminine than a normal boy. When she got the chance, she made the transition from male to female. She didn’t do it to get attention, she made the change to express her self-truth and the reality of her true gender.

When she was growing up as a young child, Theryn attended an all-boys school in South Africa. It was at the school where she suffered unfortunate verbal and physical abuse at the hands of her fellow male students. They teased and attacked her because she was different and didn’t fit into the stereotype of what a boy was supposed to be at the time.


Meyer rose to fame because of her popular YouTube channel that is supported by a huge following of subscribers and millions of views. Meyer often has funny takes and opinions on important subjects in society. Her strong devotion to creating dialogue on topics that society is not paying enough attention to or is refusing to talk about is one of the major reasons she is admired and adored by her fan base.

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Last Modified : Mar 14 2019