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Thomas Joyner is a radio host of the show, The Tom Joyner Morning Show, a nationally syndicated program. He is also the founder of the REACH Media Inc, the Tom Joyner Foundation, and As it reads in its description, the site "has more than 1.5 million registered users and delivers news with exclusive reports from award-winning journalists and unprecedented political coverage as well as interactive elements with on-demand audio."

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Early Life

Joyner was born on November 23, 1949, in Tuskegee, Alabama. His father was Hercules L. Joyner, and his mother's name was Frances. Both were highly educated and graduates of now-called black colleges. Tom has a generally well-educated family history. His mother was a secretary for the military, and his father served as a Tuskegee Airman. Specifically, his grandfather, Oscar, was reportedly one of the only 3,000 black physicians in the United States of America, with a reasonable and nationally recognizable degree in medicine.

Coming from an academic background, Tom and his brother Albert nearly inevitably were good students earning good grades. They both attended Tuskegee Institute - now more commonly referred to as Tuskegee University. Tom graduated with a degree in sociology, a science that boosted his soft skills in the long run, even though he did not work on it per se. Now, here's a fascinating but relatively obscure trivia on Tom's life: While attending Tuskegee University, Joyner was a member of the fraternity Omega Psi Ph - an international fraternity with over 750 undergraduate and graduate chapters.


Initially, his dream was to become a professional musician. He even joined a band called The Comodores, where he met his college friend Lionel Richie; no, that was not a typo, you read it correctly! However, the band did not last long in the professional music industry due to the lack of income. As a result, Tom's parents started pushing him to look for alternatives, suggesting that he leave the band.

Although Tommy "The Fly Jock" - also known as "The Hardest Working Man in Radio" - was involved with radio shows from his college years, he did not begin his broadcasting career until graduation, when he worked at several radio stations, all based in the South and Midwest. After a while, he moved to Chicago in 1978 to do the morning show at WVON. In 1985, after several years of hard work, Tom signed two contracts for two separate positions, one in Dallas and the other in Chicago. So by working long hours and flying between Texas and Illinois, he was deemed worthy of the two nicknames mentioned above.

In 1994 he signed with ABC News and became the host of his own nationally syndicated program, The Tom Joyner Morning Show. In 2005, Tom felt it was time to move upstairs and launched The Tom Joyner Show. A one-hour comedy television show broadcasted nationwide where sketch comedy, talent contests, and musical performances all had a part. Unfortunately, the show only ran for a year and was canceled the next one due to excess production costs. Now Tom can only be found on his Tom Joyner Morning Show, on the radio.

Personal Life

He has been married three times and has two sons with his first wife, Dora Chatmon Joyner. He calls them Killer and Thriller. After the divorce, he married a fitness expert, Donna Richardson, roughly in 2000. They got divorced in 2012, and then two years later, in 2014, he got married to Porsha Williams.

He had an affair with Claudia Jordan when he was married to Donna. Claudia was 24 years younger than him. While they were dating, he was a good boyfriend who took care of all the financial needs of Claudia. Claudia is known for her relationship with wealthy and older men. He divorced Donna secretly and did not announce it for about six months. The divorce settlement was not a pretty one either. He sold his REACH company for 50 million dollars when he was married, and Donna helped him develop the brand; thus, she claimed half of that money. Tom refused to provide the share, and it is said that Donna wanted to hurt him for leaving her for a younger girlfriend.

Donna initiated the separation, and Claudia's ex-husband was behind her throughout the process. After their breakup, Claudia and Tom were dating together. Claudia also mentioned that she is falling for Tom. The result of the settlement fight is not known. Both parties wanted to keep the process away from the media to avoid humiliation and other problems. She did not have any children with him, and thus, there were no extra problems like child support payment, visitation rights, and custody of the children.

His separation from Dora has a lot of different stories. One kind of rumor states that Tom left Dora for Donna. A few sources indicate that the breakup was mutual and occurred due to irreconcilable differences. A few sources blame Dora for the separation from her husband. Dora had a sexual relationship with a very young neighbor. This relationship broke the marriage. There are no concrete details on what went wrong, who initiated it, and the settlement details. The custody of the kids went to Dora.

The relationship between Porsha and Tom came to light only when she posted an intimate picture on Instagram. The photo was posted on April 1, 2014, and most of the fans thought it was a prank as the message stated that they both were married. There was no announcement about dating, engagement, or wedding. Right from his separation from Donna, he tends to keep important things away from the media.

The reason for his separation from Donna was that he was having a relationship with Claudia. There was no indication that they both broke up. With his wedding announcement, it is pretty evident that they both have separated. Porsha is 30 years younger than him. A few days later, the news came as Claudia ripped Tom of 20 thousand dollars from the company. This might be the reason for their separation.

Apart from having an active personal life, Tom is also considered a philanthropist, having established his foundation - The Tom Joyner Foundation - which provides financial assistance to students at historically black colleges and universities. In addition, he has been a public advocate for voter registration and participated in the 2011 Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's to raise awareness and funds for the disease and research on how to cure it, respectively.

Quick Facts
Date of Birth: 23-11-1949
Birth Place: Tuskegee, Alabama, United States
Wife: Donna Richardson
Marital Status: Married
Ex. Wife: Dora Chatmon
Children: Oscar Joyner, Thomas Joyner Jr.
Divorced Date: 1996
Marriage Date: 2000
Net Worth: $30 Million
Nationality: American
Profession: Radio Personality, Host
Alma Mater: Tuskegee University
Salary: $2500000 per month
Ethnicity: African American
Girlfriend: Claudia Jordan
Employer: Television producer
Height: 5 ft 9 in (1.77 m)
Birth Sign: Sagittarius
Birth Date: 23 Nov, 1949
Age: 70 yrs
Occupations: Radio personality
Disc jockey
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Tuskegee
Education: Tuskegee University
Gender: Male
Description: American radio host
Twitter Id: Tomrjoyner
Net Worth 2021: 40 million
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Last Modified: Oct 28 2021
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