Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan  was born on 10th November 1968 in Bronx, New York in the United States of America to Warden and Jimmy Morgan. His dad was a musician  who was initially at the Vietnam war as a militant. He was however raised in Bedford Stuyvesant in Brooklyn. His dad said that he named him Tracy in honor of a  friend, who was killed in the war. His father died at only 39 years in 1987, as he had contracted AIDS from using the same needle to inject heroine with other people.  His family is big, and he is the second born child of five. He is a renowned African-American actor and comedian.

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Tracy Morgan attended DeWitt Clinton High School. He was also a victim of bullying. He later dropped out of high school while he was only four credits away from earning his diploma in order to take care of his sick and weak father.

Pre=celebrity life

After he dropped out of school, Morgan sold crack cocaine on the streets in order to earn a living to support his family. Given that he had a wife and a son, they were also living on welfare, which was insufficient to provide for them. When one of his friends who used to tell him that he would be better off doing comedy than selling drugs was killed, Morgan felt so bad and decided to quit and start doing comedy, which he was good at as he would get cheers from people on the streets.

Good enough, Morgan succeeded in standup comedy  that he even moved out to a better neighborhood in Bronx. Morgan also sold other various items from the "hood". He was known for his trademark "What's happ'n, chief?".

Career life

Morgan started off as a serious comedian  on the Martin TV show, where he played as Hustle Man.

In the year 2003, Morgan played in the film Head of State where he was always   they are not watching Martin. Yes, that’s how funny this comedian can be.

In the Uptown Comedy Club, Morgan was a regular cast member. The film aired between  1992 and 1994. In 1995, he got a role in the se5ries called Snaps. He also appeared twice on Def Comedy Jam.

In 1996, Morgan joined the Saturday Night Live TV series. He performed for 8years regularly. He left the show in 2003. He was so good at it that he returned on March 14, 2009 again, to host. He also made a guest appearance on the the series Christmas show held in December 2011, and on October 17, 2015 he again hosted yet another episode.

From 2006 to 2013, Morgan played in the famous 30 Rock series.  He did his performance so good that he earned Emmy Awards nominations in 2009 for Outstanding Supporting Actor. He has also acted in commercials for VARIOUS TV stations such as ESPN NFL 2K, ESPN NBA 2K, and ESPN NHL 2K.

Personal life

Morgan married his then girlfriend Sabina in 1987 after he dropped out of high school. They got blessed with three sons together; Tracy, Jr, Gitrid and Malcolm. In August 2009, Morgan petitioned for divorce because they were separated from the then wife for about 8 years. In September 2011, he engaged the famous Megan Wollover, who is a model. They welcomed a lovely daughter in July 2, 2013. They married after four years engagement on 23rd August 2015.

Morgan has been having problems with alcohol abuse, but he is working on rehabilitating himself. On 7th June 2014, he was involved in a terrible car accident in New Jersey, where he sustained serious injuries and lost two friends.

His net worth is approximately 18 million dollars.

Tracy Morgan is a talented comedian who has received awards and award nominations  for his work. He is very hardworking and we hope that he overcomes challenges in his life in order to influence other young talents all round the world.


Quick Facts
Birth Date: 10 Nov, 1968
Age: 51 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: The Bronx
Education: DeWitt Clinton High School
Gender: Male
Description: American comedian and actor
Twitter Id: RealTracyMorgan
Net Worth 2021: 70 million
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Last Modified: Feb 19 2023
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