Zain Verjee

Zain Verjee is a Kenyan cum Canadian Journalist who was born in the year 1974 on February 11.

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Personal Life

Before immigrating to Canada, Verjee was brought-up in Kenya. Zain is a remarkable co-host of CNN International’s program World One. This program popped up during the daytime everyday. Initially Zain served as a news presenter at The Situation Room and also worked as the correspondent of state department and a co-host at CNN’s World Report and Your World Today. Verjee did her UG degree in English literature at McGill University at Montreal.


Being a native Kenyan, she started her broadcasting career as an anchor and she has presented several news shows at the Kenya Television Network. She has anchored a program discussing about political talk and the show was The Third Opinion. Zain also hosted many programs targeting the African Perspectives prior the U.S. Embassy bombings occurred in the eastern Africa. One of the best break in her broadcasting career arrived at the Nairobi radio station where she served as an anchor and as well as the traffic news reporter.

Verjee understands and speaks many different languages including Kiswahili, Gujarati, and Conversational French. She is an excellent writer as well, and also she has penned a children’s book called Live and On the Air. She is right now undergoing her master degree in creative writing at the Oxford University. Verjee became a part of the CNN News Channel in the year 2000 before she served as a news presenter at the Kenya television network. In his career, Zain has captured and brought-forth many interesting and thudding events including the Agra Summit encountered between Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee and Pakistan President Musharraf. She also covered the September 11 attack and the Hajj war in Iraq as well. Besides everything, Verjee also kept reporting on the Business news that airs every day with the caption “Inside Africa”

In his career, Zain has brought us plenty of interesting and breaking news everyday. She has always been an active participant to host any kinds of shows being conducted in the television network. Verjee has been the best producer of a radio campaign that alerts and creates awareness about Hepatitis B, Polio and AIDS. 2008 was a threatening year in Verjee’s media career. Verjee was attacked at her back with a tear gas container when she was involved in taking the reports of anti-government protest at Nairobi. Though the attack was quite serious, Zain was not injured badly.

During her existence in the CNN network, Verjee got the opportunity to interview many social and political figures. Right from celebrities to other significant political leaders, Zain has interviewed many people. Some of the international political leaders whom Verjee interviewed will include Ex Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Benazir Bhutto, Ex Iranian President Mr. Mohammed Khatami and many more. During the year 2008, January Verjee turned to Kenya for covering the election violence happenings there. Verjee spent couple of weeks there in covered significant reports on the political stories and many other hostilities.  

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 11 Feb, 1974
Age: 46 yrs
Occupations: Presenter
Citizenship: Kenya
Birth Place: Kenya
Education: McGill University
Gender: Female
Description: Television presenter
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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