Albert Brown

The Ultimate Merger Dating Show

He was one of the twelve contestants on a reality show dating game show called The Ultimate Merger. The show was produced by Donald Trump and featured Omarosa as the bachelorette that the contestants were trying to win the affection of. In an interview with the African American Literature Book Club, Al described his experience on the show, “I've known Mr. Trump since he hosted I think it was my 21st birthday party on his yacht years ago. He's an amazing guy. And I've also known Omarosa for a few years. She's always been just a really sweet and kind person, very different from what viewers see on television. I've always admired her because she's such a smart go-getter, so we've always been friends.

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Since Al already knew Omarosa, people were confused about he would go on a show to win a date with her but he explained, “It’s a cultural concession to the new media. I can't live in the past. Part of this new media is this reality forum. So something you'd ordinarily do in private, you end up doing in public for all the world to see. Then it becomes much more interesting, especially how TV One has cast a great group of guys to compete for the prize, this very dynamic woman. What's better than that? It makes for a very positive show. “

Omarosa has a bad reputation among most of the public and the viewers were surprised that people would actually go on a show to date her especially someone like Al who had more fame than her,”[Laughs] I received feedback like that myself. But like I said, I know the real Omarosa. She's a friend, a dynamic woman, and a good person. I've been approached to do so many reality shows that I've turned down over the years. But being that this was Donald Trump, TV One and Omarosa, I thought this would be great. And you never know what might happen.”

He said he enjoyed the reality show process but did not like the part where he had to stay in a house with eleven other men. He is a bit of a loner and wanted some personal space. Even though they were great guys and they established a brotherhood over the course of the journey, they all knew that they were trying to win on their own. In the back of everybody's head was the competition. They did their best to keep the vibe as positive as possible.

The biggest surprise on the show was when the other cast members didn’t idolize him for being a superstar singer and came to realize that he was so down to earth, and that his door was always open to anybody who needed to talk with him.

Personal Life of Albert Brown

There are many controversies about Al B. Sure’s children. He has three sons, all three are also set to make their careers in the music industry. Albert Brown Jr. is a singer like his father and Devin is a hip hop music producer. All these children are from his former girlfriend, Kim. Nothing is known about why Al broke up with his girlfriend and never married.

The net worth of Al B. Sure is estimated to be four million which he has made from music career and media appearances.

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