Arjen Robben

Published : Jan 12 2017 | Modified : Jan 12 2017

Arjen Robben was born in a small town in Netherlands. His family was a working class one and his father played football in his leisure time while growing up. Robben was a very lean and thin kid from the beginning but he was very fast and that has been his specialty ever since. He started playing when he was just 6 years old. He played for FC Groningen where he was at the beginning of his career. This was a very small club that played in a small league. He started to show great form in front of goal and scored six goals in the 2001 season. His quality on the ball caught the eye of many coaches across the country and a year later he was singing by PSV for €4 million.

He started very well with PSV and scored 12 goals for the club in his first season. He formed a good partnership with the striker. He was then approached by the then Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson who offered PSV €7 million for him which the club turned down. He was later contacted by Chelsea and signed for the club for a repeated amount of €18 million. He was with the club for a couple of years before leaving for Real Madrid in 2007. He had a very illustrious career with Chelsea as he won English premier league as well as the FA cup.

He has had many injury problems through his Chelsea career, though. Robben stayed with Real Madrid for a couple of years before joining German giants Bayern Munich. He joined Bayern in 2009 and went on to have his best playing career to date. He won the champions league. In 2012 Robben missed a penalty against Chelsea which led to the game being sent into a penalty shootout. The game was won by Chelsea in the penalty shootout.

The very next year Bayern won the Champions league against their German rivals Borussia Dortmund. This was she first time that Robben won Champions league. He is currently playing for the Bayern Munich and his contracts run till 2018. He has had an equally good career with his international team Netherlands. The team was beaten by Spain in 2010 world cup in the final game. The team, however, took revenge when they ousted Spanish team from EURO 6 years later.

Robben is a married man and his wife’s name is Bernadien Eillert who was his long-time girlfriend. He has two sons with his wife. He is having a very happy life with his partner and there is no news of any rift in the family. He has had a cancer scare in his life but it wasn’t bad as it seemed. He is still known for his a speed although he has aged his speed is still there. His salary is an astounding $ 200,000 per week that makes his net worth around $100 million. His biography can be read on Wikipedia as well as on other websites on the Internet.

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