Yaya Toure

Published : Jan 12 2017 | Modified : Jan 12 2017

Gnegneri Yaya Toure is the full name of Yaya Toure and he was conceived in the year 1983 May 13 at Bouaké, Côte d'Ivoire. He was conceived and raised in Ivory Coast. His parents follow Islam as their religion and so does he. He has one Elder Brother and a Younger Brother named Kolo Toure and Ibrahim Toure who are likewise the expert footballers. Kolo Toure has played with him at Manchester city for a while. Yaya Toure is famous among his fans as he is a very good player and brings stability to the team that he plays for. They serenade distinctive rhyme for him on his match to support him. 

Yaya Toure started his childhood profession from ASEC Mimosas in the year 1996. There was something in him from his childhood that pushed him toward greatness. Toure was transferred to Olympiacos in the year 2005. On the back of many impressive performances, he was signed by Monaco in 2006. He stayed at the club for a couple of years before FC Barcelona came calling and he couldn't turn down the offer to play at the greatest club in the world. In 2007 he signed for Barcelona for a fee of $12 million.

He played important midfield role at the club before the new coach Pep Guardiola came and transferred him out to Manchester city te very year. He was signed by the new club for a reported fee of around $30 million. For the next 6 years, he played a pivotal role at the club having taken them to EPL victory on more than one occasion. He has also won the FA cup with the club. He played in the midfield with his brother Kolo at City and won many awards for his performance.

 He is in the present Team of Man City playing from the midfield wearing shirt No.42. The shirt number is the exact opposite of what he wore at Barcelona which was 24. He wasn't given that number because that was given to the legendary midfielder Patrick Vieira. He is additionally in the Ivory Coast National Football Team alongside his sibling Kolo Toure since 2004. He has been agreed on the African Player of the year as well.

Currently due to his age and the fact that he is having to play under the same coach that transferred him out of the Barcelona team makes his future a little uncertain. Also the rift the Pep Guardiola has with Toure's agent doesn't help the matter. At this time he is playing for the city team and often comes in as a substitute in the matches.

Toure is a married man and is currently married to Geneva Touré. He has two children with his wife. In December 2016 he was charged with drink and driving which saw him give a fine of around $60,000 which is the most about charged to a person for. His current salary y is an astounding $250,000 per week which make his net worth around $100 million.

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