Bianca Balti

The beautiful Italian model Bianca Balti was born on 19 March 1984. Her place of birth is Lodi, a small village in the Lombardy region of Italy. Bianca Balti is now 32 years old. Since her childhood, her parents noticed that Bianca is becoming a beautiful girl and that she is developing very fast, both mentally and physically. The persons who were responsible for her good looks were, of course, her parents. Her father, Bruno is an Italian, and all of his family generations are from Italy. The mother of Bianca Balti is Mariabice Marzani, according to Bianca's biography. From her paternal side, Bianca is of Italian descent. On the other side, from her mom's side, Bianca Balti is of Azerbaijani descent. It is supposed that her mom is mostly genetically responsible for Bianca's good and exotic looks since she was also a beautiful woman back in her time and very simIlar to Bianca. In her village, everyone was jealous of Bianca's good looks, mostly girls, but there were also boys who were jealous at Bianca. People of Lodi were mainly jealous because of her above-average height of 1.76 meters for an Italian female. There was also envy because of her full lips and big and round blue eyes. She suffered a lot because of envy of local Lodi kids. She found her sanctuary in reading classic books, listening to the popular music of the 90s and in reading Italian fashion magazines, dreaming that one day she will go far away in the distant world out of Lodi. Her sanctuary and support were also her parents, especially her mom Maria Bice Marzani. She kept telling Bianca that everything will be alright and that she will become a success because of her beauty and her good soul.

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Bianca attended a small local elementary school in her birthplace, Lodi. She was an excellent student there but suffered a lot in school because she was a victim of envy. The children at elementary school would pull her long and shiny hair, steal her books, throw things at her and many other terrible things. But, Bianca Balti survived all the bullying. After her elementary school, Bianca attended a high school in Milan. She wasn't bullied during her high school education in Milan. Bianca Balti did not enroll into any Italian fashion college or fashion school abroad, despite of loving fashion since her early years. Her biography tells us that she wanted to study fashion and art at Istituto Marangoni, one of the best fashion schools in the world.


Unemployed and not studying after high school education, Bianca goes on various castings for models. On the castings she is often time refused because of her lack of charm and experience, she is told that she can become a model because of her height and exotic look, but that she needs experience in modeling. Devastated by that kind of statements said by various casting directors, she decides to find a job. Bianca Balti finally found a job in a local supermarket in Lodi as a cashier. A scouting agent Bruno Paulette found her in the supermarket and immediately offered her job as a model. Her debut job as a model was working for the Dolce and Gabbana campaign. In 2005, Bianca became the Victoria's Secret Angel in 2005. She walked the runway wearing many fashion designers such as Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Zac Posen, Fendi, Prada and many other top notch designers. Bianca Balti has a net worth of $2 million from modeling.

Personal Life

Bianca has married for two times. Her first husband was Christian Lucidi, who is an Italian photographer. Bianca was pregnant during her marriage with Christian, carrying his baby. She later gave birth to her's and Christian's baby. It was a baby girl whom they gave name Matilde. She later divorced Christian and is currently married to Matthew McRae, with whom he has a little girl, too.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 19 Mar, 1984
Age: 36 yrs
Occupations: Supermodel
Citizenship: Italy
Birth Place: Lodi
Gender: Female
Description: Italian model
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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