Carolyn Maxwell


Carolyn broke into the entertainment scene and established herself when she landed a role on the comedy show, Tattletales. The show was an American comedy show that was produced by Ira Skutch and it first aired in February 1974 on the CBS network. After her big break, Carolyn managed to land roles on other shows like Gas and Les Chien Chauds. She gained a lot of fame and recognition from a role on the TV show, Black Mirror. In the show, Carolyn played the role of Elizabeth Smith which was a hit among audiences.

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She was able to duplicate the success she enjoyed in acting when she entered the fashion world. She had a great modeling career and also did well when it came to fashion design. Carolyn enjoyed the fashion world but had no intention of working for a large company that mass produced their clothing. She was more interested in providing a personal touch. Most of her designs and sketches were for a specific person in mind. She enjoyed making stage costumes for stage productions. She worked on Softly Consider the Nearness which was a stage play that was having a run at the Provincetown Playhouse.

Carolyn developed a big name in the fashion world and leveraged it to price her services. Her criteria for pricing depended on the amount of work a specific design required and also the cost of the fabric that was required. A normal dress from her started out with a price of $30. Carolyn operated her fashion services by scheduling appointments with her interested clients through telephone. She liked to keep her business old school and traditional. She did not care about updating her promotion to match the modern world. A fashion manager could have helped her adapt to the new methods of marketing and business relationships but she did not care. She felt that her usual way of doing things would be all that she needed. She enjoyed getting to know her clients beyond the surface level so that she can really tap into their wants and desires.

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