Dennis Kucinich

Born as Dennis John Kucinich on October 8th 1946, Dennis is a former representative of U.S.  He is serving from 1997 till date. He also contested the Presidential election in 2004 and 200, on Democratic Party nominations.

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Dennis was born in Ohio, an eldest son of seven children of his parents. His father was a truck driver and mother, a house lady. Being a lower class family, they shifted from one place to another, Dennis holding the responsibility to find an apartment to suit to their budget. Dennis went to Cleveland State University. For his high school studies. He graduated from Case Western Reserve University, achieving a bachelor and a master degree in speech and communication. Dennis was brought-up as a Roman Catholic.   

Dennis was eldest son of his parents and has six siblings, four brothers and two sisters. In 2007, Perry, his youngest brother, was found dead. His body was recovered from his apartment. Following year in 2008, his youngest sister was also dead.

He once filed a lawsuit against a canteen for serving him a sandwich, which led him to tooth decay by being broken due to some hard particle which was accidently in the sandwich. He had to spend enough money to get it treated from infection which developed after the incident. The claim was for $150,000.00, and a settlement was made where defendant agreed to pay treatment charges.

Dennis joined Fox News as a contributor in 2013.

Dennis was youngest mayor elected for Cleveland, in 1977 and hold the office till 1979. He was given a nickname “The boy Mayor” of Cleveland. He was in a brat with a Mafia group, upon selling of electric supply rights, and was put on contract for killing when he was to attend a public meeting.  The contract failed due to illness of Dennis, who was forced to hospitalized.  After that contract was called off.

He also saved Cleveland’s public money as he refused to sell the city utility, which would have robbed the economy of the city.  He was honored for his stands and decisions, made to save the city. As an estimate he saved $195 million of the city.

Despite all this, Dennis was defeated in next elections, in 1979. After his loss, he attended a near out of way approach in city politics. He was again on an edge to find an employment and this brought him to Los Angeles, where he was guest of an actor friend, Shirley MacLain. In following years he worked as a radio host, along with as a consultant and a lecturer too. This was a bad financial period for him. He was short of money and has to borrow from friends to make up.  After returning in 1982 and fighting some more contests he spent his time in Cleveland. 

He became settled in New Mexico and in 1994 won State Senate seat in Ohio.

Dennis was elected for House of Representatives to the U.S., in 1996. He has been elected six times since then.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 8 Oct, 1946
Age: 73 yrs
Occupations: Politician
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Cleveland
Gender: Male
Description: Ohio politician
Twitter Id: Dennis_kucinich
Spouse: Elizabeth Kucinich [M. 2005]
Sandra Lee McCarthy[1977-1986]
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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