Dana Perino

She was born to Leo and Jan Perino in the year 1972. She started her schooling from the high school of Ponderosa at Colorado. She is a mass communication graduate from the State University of Colorado. She has also studied Spanish and political science in the University.

Early Life and Career:

Dana’s paternal great-grandparents were immigrants of Italian. She has worked at many important postings like when she was in Colorado State University-Pueblo she was the member of forensics team. She has also joined KTSC-TV and KCCY-FM in the 2-6 a.m. shift when she was in college. She moved to Britain with her husband Peter McMahon when Schaefer announced his retirement in 1998. She worked for Rep. Dan Schaefer for four years. In November, Peter McMahon and Dana Perino again returned to Washington, D.C. and joined the Department of Justice for two years at the position of spokesperson.

She has also worked as an associate director of communications for the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ). Dana worked as a The First Republican Woman at White House Press Secretary. She got new experience under the Presidency of George W. Bush and worked there for over seven years. She is a successful woman with strong will to serve her country. Dana is the example for the young girls and even boys that nothing is impossible in life if you try to achieve it till the end.

After leaving White House, Dana Perino was nominated by President Barack Obama for serving on the post of Broadcasting Board of Governors. In 2010, she also started teaching part-time at George Washington University’s Graduate School of political Management in political communications. In March 2011, a division of Random House, Inc. the Crown Publishing Group announced that Dana Perino has joined their books imprint Crown Forum at the post of Editorial Director but very soon she left this position.

About Her Talk Show:

Her talk show has managed to earn a good place in the hearts of her viewers. It is a news show; which shows day-to-day news in a conversation manner. Because of this innovative idea of conversation, her talk show has become very popular among the people of the U.S. Moreover, her overall personality is best suited for the show. Her confidence in speech and ability to completely express herself is increasing her number of fans. Since she is a journalist and has served in the White House, she has faced camera many times. There is no problem for her to face the camera without getting nervous and host the show in a friendly manner. Her easy going nature and specialty to dig out important issues is one of the key points for the popularity of the show. She is a co-host at her show. Other co-hosts of the show are equally talented and are well known personalities of the media. Besides her talk show “THE FIVE”, she is also working for a publishing house. She is the director of the editorial department of the publishing house.

Personal life:

Because of her talk show “The Five” and her pleasing personality, she has become popular in the hearts of thousands of people and her fans are also taking active interest in her personal life affairs. People have started searching details on the internet to know more about her personal as well as professional life. As far as her personal life is considered she is married to Peter in the year 1997. Peter’s complete name is Peter McMahon. She met him accidently while travelling to Denver. After this meeting Peter enjoyed the status of being her boyfriend. Their love for each other grew as the time passed and their affair lasted for eleven months, after which they become a married couple. Mr. McMahon is a person from marketing business. He is into the sales as well as marketing of different medical products. Both of them are very comfortable with each other and had denied the possibility of divorce. Dana is a pet loving person and also owns a dog. She calls him by the name moniker Jasper.

Services to Society:

Dana is also a social worker she is working with Mercy Ships charity organization that helps the poor people by giving them facility of doctors, volunteers and care all that free of cost. Mercy Ships are huge ships which go to affected areas and provide all facilities of caring, nursing and treatment in the ship. She also works for Companions for heroes (C4H) that provides healing and support for millions of military veterans. Dana has her own website that she herself operates. She used to post articles and news there. Social Accounts: Dana also uses Facebook and twitter accounts and there are thousands of followers to follow her. She posts hundreds of times and she keeps herself aware of current situations that are prevailing in the society.

As An Author:

Dana is also an author. She has written many books and the current book that is going to be published in the October is “Let Me Tell You about Jasper”. She used to be very active in her talk show “The Five”. She gives complete time to her career and works hard to get the best results. Dana is the example for many people that they should not let go their hope and think for better. Dana is having encouraging personality to change people’s attitudes, thinking and actions. She has got a perfect career and personal life.

Quick Facts
Date of Birth: 09-05-1972
Nationality: American
Profession: Political commentator
Husband: Peter McMahon
Marital Status: Married
Ethnicity: White
Net Worth: $4 Million
Height: 1.57 m
Children: N/A
T.V. Show(s): The Five
Marriage Date: 1998
Birth Sign: Taurus
Birth Place: Evanston, WY
Alma Mater: Colorado State University–Pueblo
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Published : Nov 20 2013
Modified : Nov 22 2016