Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Published : Mar 12 2017 | Modified : Mar 12 2017

Kareem was born on 16 April 1947 and he was born in New York City in the United States of America. As per the information available, the name of his father is Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Senior and the name of his mother is Cora Lillian. His parents didn’t have any other child and he was the only child. His father worked as a police office and he also worked as a musician and as per the records, Kareem’s mother worked at a department store.

He completed his education from Power Memorial High School and he started playing basketball in his school team itself. It is known that he later enrolled in UCLA and he also considered a transferred to the University of Michigan. During one such game in college, he received an injury on his cornea and because of this injury, Kareem had to wear goggles while playing. The goggles helped him in protecting his eyes during the game. At this early age, he made many records in his school.

Talking about the professional career, he signed his first contract with Milwaukee Bucks and this was long back in 1969. The amount of contract is known to be 1 Million American dollars and he played several games for the team. He was associated with the team for almost 5 years and they played together till 1974. He led his team to several victories and during his tenure with the team, he received another injury and this time he broke his hand.

Later in 1975, because of his amazing stats, he received an offer from Lon Angeles Laker. He readily signed the contract and he played for the team till 1989. His performance was getting better with time and he performed extremely well in many seasons. In 1989, he announced the news of his retirement and later he joined a coaching institute as a coach. It is known that Kareem was an introvert and he always tried to ignore media.

Even after being an introvert, Kareem’s Fangraphs rose to high levels. He surely left a legacy behind him. It is also known that Kareem was involved with many movies and TV shows. He had also been involved with a few advertisements. Apart from this, Kareem stood for some social cause and he also wrote a couple of books. It is known that Kareem suffers from a migraine and he also has heart issues.

As per the information available, Kareem had been married to Habiba Abdul-Jabbar and he met his wife in his college. The couple gave birth to three children and unfortunately, after 7 years of marriage, the couple decided to separate out. Kareem later dated Cheryl Pistono and he had another son. There is no information available about his last withdrawn salary but Kareem’s total net worth is estimated to be 20 Million American dollars and his complete biography is available on Wikipedia. The best way to read his detailed biography is through his autobiography which he penned down after retirement.

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