Draya Michele

Draya Michele is a star on the Basketball Wives LA show and she is a model, she has a Swimwear cloth line known as Mint and she even make money from his son. She appeared first in 2011 when she was making the model video. Even if the price for other model per video was 500-700, she was asking 1200 for every video she was producing. Her eleventh video was Leaving You and it was successful.

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  At the beginning of her career, she was earning 650 dollars for every shot she was doing and she got covers from other companies.  Since she wanted to become popular, there was no problem in taking a small fee compared to other models so that she can get  the cover job.  It was reported that she made 8,000 dollars to appear at the magazine of Basketball Wives King Magazine and giving her story to be covered.

The salary she gets by being a star on the Basketball Wives LA doubled compared to the time she joined the show. She started to play in the middle of the Season 1 and she was given 40,000 dollars as compensation.  Since the show was successful, the company decided to give raises to the original members.  Draya got 120,000 dollars and was paid an undisclosed amount of money because she brought Brooke Bailey in the series.  For season 3, she is asking to get more money and VH1 is proposing to give her 170,000 dollars. However, Brooke Bailey will not come back in the show since she wanted to be paid a high price.

Draya Michele makes money by appearing in the clubs.  She gets 15,000 to host the events or parties in the night club and  she gets money by promoting the clubs with in her twitter account.  For her birthday party, she got many offers from different lounges to host her party and to be paid 10,000 dollars. However, she spent her own money and  rent Philipe Chow found in the West Hollywood with her then boyfriend Orlando Scandrick.

Draya Michele had been called names because of the allegation of the child neglect but this does not deter her from getting 40,000 dollars for child support from her former boyfriend Gilbert Arenas who played in the NBA. Draya Michele got pregnant when Gilbert was already a husband to Laura Govan and they have their own children. However after sometime, she was advice to sue him and she was awarded this amount.

 For Draya Michele, she has a net worth of 400,000 dollars. Her then boyfriend Orlando Scandrick was worth  30 million dollars. Draya Michele is known to be a stripper in the past but she  does not like speaking about her personal life  and she does not talk too much about her son  Kniko. Her son is 11 years old and she does not like to show him off  or to release his pictures on social media .

When Orlando Scandarick was found tested positive for Molly, he said that Draya Michele was to blame since they took the substance while in the vacation. 

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 23 Jan, 1985
Age: 35 yrs
Occupations: Actor
Fashion designer
Birth Place: Reading
Gender: Female
Description: American television personality, model and fashion designer
Twitter Id: Drayamichele
Net Worth 2021: 600 thousand
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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