Elvira Wayans

Elvira Wayans is known as an American screenwriter. She is most famous for being part of The Wayans family and writing scripts for the TV show, My Wife and Kids.

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Elvira Wayans was born in New York, New York. She was born to her parents, Howell Stouten Wayans and Elvira Alethia. Her father was working as a supermarket manager while her mother Elvira Alethia was a homemaker. She was named after her mother, Elvira.

She grew up with ten siblings. Seven of her brothers and sisters are involved in the acting industry. They are named Shawn, Marlon, Kim, Keenen Ivory Sr, Damon Wayans, and Dwayne Wayans.

During Elvira's youth, she decided that she wanted to become a screenwriter. Elvira led a very hard life living with her parents and siblings in a tiny apartment. She was a very meritorious and hardworking student. She got herself involved in various hobbies apart from her academic studies. Elvira Wayans’s family was involved in the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion and she is officially known to be a believer. Her neighbors remember her as a jolly young girl who would love to travel a lot.

Family and Daughter

Elvira has never been spotted dating a famous celebrity. She is currently single and has never been married. Elvira has a beautiful daughter named Chaunte Wayans but the father is unknown. Her daughter is an actress who has appeared on Dance Flick and Fifty Shades of Black.

Elviria also has a son named Damien Dante Wayans who is a struggling producer and writer. The list of her nieces and nephews include Kyla Wayans, Mia Wayans, Cara Wayans, Michael Wayans, and Craig Wayans.

Career and Net Worth

Elvira Wayans is a talented and creative writer who has worked on many television shows. She was a writer on a television show of her brother's, Damon Wayans called My Wife and Kids. The show made a debut on ABC in the year 2001 and aired until 2005. It broadcasted with a total number of 123 episodes in 5 seasons. Her most memorable scripted episodes came in 2004 when she was the writer for the episodes called The Anniversary Present and for What Do You Know.

In 2005, she wrote the script for an episode called Celibacy. With her work on My Wife and Kids, she was able to impress many people. Her work has been appreciated by many people and even though contrary to her siblings who are into acting, she decided to choose another career.

In her free time, Elvira makes short movies related to varied topics like love and nature with her video camera.

The Wayans Family includes many successful actors, comedians, screenwriters, and directors. There are many television and film productions that involved more than just one member of the family of Wayans. These productions not only got them famous but also made them rich. Hollywood Shuffle, In Living color, Mo’ Money, A Low Down Dirty Shame, and Blankman are among the hits that the Wayans Family has produced.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2020: 1 million
Net Worth 2021: 1 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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