Greta Van Susteren

Born on 11th June 1954, is an American anchor and commentator. Her full name is Greta Conway Van Susteren. She is a well known sports journalist. Greta is listed by Forbes, as one of the top 100 most powerful women in the world. Great was also a criminal defence and civil lawyer.

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Greta is the youngest of three daughters born to Urban Van Susteren and Margery Van Susteren, in Appelton. She belongs to white ethnicity and is an American citizen. Her star birth sign is Gemini. Greta completed her graduation from Xavier High School, in 1972. She studied economics and geography from University of Wisconsin, in 1976. Great has also studied law and use to practice law before getting job anchor.

62 years old Greta is married to John P. Coale in the year 1988. John was a well known journalist famous by name “Ambulance Chaser”. John later got graduated in law and is a lawyer. Greta and John have joined Church of Scientology. It is not known to public that weather they were dating each other or had an affair before their marriage. The couple lives in capital of the United States. Greta has also founded a school with her husband to provide education to orphan children.  She also opened orphanage in the same year when she founded school, i.e. in, 2012.  Greta named the school and orphanage after her name.  She is funding the school with her salary. The couple do not have any child till date. Great use to own a restaurant in New York by name Old Mill Inn.

Greta Susteren is a famous personality of the media.  She is also a commentator; her popularity is increasing day by day because of her famous show on a news channel. Fox is the channel where she works as a host. The rating of the channel has been increasing because of her show.  She is among the best gems Fox has ever hired.  Before Fox she has also worked for CNN, one of the most famous channels of the United States. She became a part of CNN in the year 1991.  During her CNN days, she performed the duties of an analyst of legal matters.

Before stepping into the field of journalism, she was practicing law. She has represented many a clients in the federal courts. She has done her graduation in economics and geography. She studied law from the University of Georgetown in the year 1979.  She has also worked as a professor of law at the University of Georgetown. She joined the university in 1984.  She worked as a professor for fifteen years. General public started recognizing her talent and her as well when she started journalism. She has covered many civil cases for her news channel. She hosted her first show for CNN. It was not all her show she shared the camera with her colleague. She was the co-host of the show. She covered the election of the year 2000 for CNN. In the year 2002, she left CNN and joined Fox.

In 2002, after joining Fox Channel she hosted current affairs on her show named On the Record with Greta Van Susteren. In 2014, Greta got in controversy with a U.S Senate Dwayne Stovall, for calling him ‘jerk’. In 2006, Greta resigned from Fox channel by using the clause in her contract of leaving immediately and she was replaced by Brit Hume. In 2017, Greta joined NBC News. She appeared in a 6 PM programme called For the Record with Greta. The show aired on television on 9th January 2017.

Fox tried really hard to take Greta in her team. It was almost like a war when both the television giants wanted to hire Greta. Since then, Greta is associated with the Fox. While working for Fox, she covered the trials of many famous people, which also includes, Michael Jackson.  She is also a winner of many awards and honours for contributing her excellence in the field of journalism. She got the Presidential Award for covering the election of year 2000. 

She also got the award in 2002 for covering news program dealing with the attacks on the America. Although it was not her solo performance, it was a team work that investigated the program and aired it on the news channel. She is one of the most talented reporters of American origin. In addition to her passion for journalism, Greta also loves to write. She has also co-authored a book. She is also featured in the Forbes magazine. She was successful to fall in the bracket of hundred most powerful ladies of the world. In 2016, Great received Honest and fairness award from Israeli American Council.

Greta is a well known celebrity but nature and her down to earth behaviour has kept her image clean. She is very fond of animals and own 2 dogs and 3 cats. Her cat named “Ozzy” was gifted to her by Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne. She is huge fan of Green Bay Packers. Greta’s salary was $900K per year when she used to work for NBC. She donates a good amount of her salary to the school and other charities. Great has a net worth of 35 million dollars US.

Greta is know to be very active on social net working sites and could be followed by her fans on Wiki, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In Twitter, Greta has account by id @greta, she has 1.15 million follower from all over the world and she is currently following 2009 people. Greta has shared many photos of her on work and of her personal life on Instagram. Greta’s fan could search her on Instagram by name Greta. She has been followed by 57.1K people and is following 78 people.

Greta was well know current affairs anchor for Fox channel and currently is working for NBC News. She is also a criminal defence and civil suit lawyer. Great runs an orphan school, which is funded from her salary.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 11 Jun, 1954
Age: 65 yrs
Occupations: Television presenter
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Appleton
Gender: Female
Description: American commentator, television personality, and lawyer
Twitter Id: Greta
Net Worth 2021: 35 million
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Last Modified: Feb 19 2023
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