Kevin Costner

In the same year of his son’s birth, he started dating a supermodel named Elle Macpherson. The relationship ended very briefly. It was a fling between two superstar icons in the public. Some of the media reported that they weren’t that into each other and the relationship was just set up by their respective agents. Both sides thought that it would be good to have them associated with each other. They hoped that the arrangement could entice real love between the two as a side benefit but no real spark of chemistry occurred between the two.

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Final Family

Kevin went on to become the boyfriend of Christine Baumgarter. After four years of a long relationship with her, he decided to marry. He is now living with Christine and his three children.

He still has a good relationship with his ex wife Cindy and all of his 7 children. It was reported that there was a little break with Christine which went unnoticed. Christine wanted to have children while her husband didn't want to have any as he already had four. However, Christine was very adamant about it and thought of breaking the relationship. She told him to get back to her, if he changed his mind about children. After a very short period of separation, he got back to her and they eventually had three children.

Though his relationship with Cindy and all his kids are intact, he is never seen with Rooney, the mother of one of his sons. Their son has a very good relationship with Kevin but, Rooney’s relationship with Kevin is unknown. There was a serious rumor about his secret affair with Kelly, the partner of Cal Ripken Jr. Cal allowed Kevin to stay in his house during the wrap of a film called ‘Postman’. One day, Cal returned home soon from a game and caught Kelly and Kevin cheating.

Kevin denied this rumor and stated that he had seen Kelly only twice in his lifetime. According to him, he wouldn’t have spent more than 10 minutes with her. He also said that he has never stayed in Cal’s house.

The day he was supposedly caught cheating was the day, Cal had to break his game streak. But, he was too devastated to play and called off. It was also speculated that Cal wanted to keep this a secret to avoid any front page news. Cal and Kelly are still together and this fact actually delivered a strong blow to the rumor. The rumor also had a part that claimed Cal punched Kevin, which Cal denied many years of the rumor floating around.

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Quick Facts
Birth Date: 18 Jan, 1955
Age: 65 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Lynwood
residence: California
Gender: Male
Description: American actor, singer, musician, producer, director, and businessman
Spouse: Cindy Costner[1978-1994]
Christine Baumgartner [M. 2004]
Net Worth 2021: 250 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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