Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones is a Welsh actress seen in both English and American movies. She is well known for her role in Entrapment and The Mask of Zorro.

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Catherine is married to Michael Douglas, who is 25 years older than her. They met each other in 1998 and he proposed her with the phrase, ‘I would like to be the father of our children’. They got engaged in 1999. They got married in 2000, just after the divorce of Douglas was finalized.

Their marriage hit a blow in the early 2013. Jones was living separately from Douglas. Though she did not take any legal actions to separate from her husband, she lived alone for more than 6 months. Her representative said that they both are having a time apart to evaluate their marital life. She went to live with her mom, with her two kids. Douglas consulted a lawyer but, neither of them took a legal step. Many sources reported vicious arguments about him accusing her as a cause of his son’s drug addiction. Later; at the end of 2013, Jones moved back to Douglas.

She had series of failed affairs, before meeting Douglas. Her first boyfriend after becoming famous in the field was John Leslie. She split from John as he did not want to start a family and she did. Jones did not break up the relationship with Leslie even after he was accused of sexual assault.

There was a stir when the rumors about her kissing Paul McGann began to spread. Both the parties denied the rumor and Paul said it was an attempt to destroy his marital life. He still lives with his wife. She then started her next love live with Angus Macfadyen. She tagged him as his love of her life and got engaged. He broke off the engagement within 15 months. The reasons for the break up are still not known.

She then dated Jon Peters, who adored her a lot. He wrote a lot about her in his books. But, when he proposed her, she said no to him. She then became the girlfriend of Mick Hucknail. Mick has confessed himself as a womanizer. It is needless to say that the relationship broke too soon.

She then got into a lot of other relationships that lasted only for a few months. Her romance life changed when she met Douglas. They were introduced to each other by Danny DeVito. They got married after two years along with his son who was just three months old. They have two children together.

Her relationship with Douglas had several blows. During the breakup, it was said that Jones was trying very hard to patch things up with him but, he was too adamant and thought that life was too short for all these miseries. The rumor about Jones bonding with Aaron Eckhart caused more push for the separation. Douglas was furious about the rumor. Though Jones tagged it as just a friendship, Douglas was not convinced. He once said in an interview that he wanted to play the role of a villain role and kill Jones in a movie.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 25 Sep, 1969
Age: 50 yrs
Citizenship: United Kingdom
Birth Place: Swansea
residence: Chiswick
Education: Dumbarton House School
Arts Educational School
Gender: Female
Description: Welsh actress and singer
Spouse: Michael Douglas [M. 2000]
Net Worth 2021: 150 million
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Last Modified: Aug 9 2020
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