Mark Lowry

Mark Alan Lowry famous as Mark Lowry an American national was born in Houston Texas on June 24, 1958 to the parents Beverly Lowry and Charles who was an attorney. Lowry without a doubt is a multi-talented artist; he is a vocalist, comedian and a singer. Lowry is well acknowledged for being the part of Gaither Vocal Band in two different era i-e 1998-2001 and then 2009-2013, and for co-writing song “Mary, did you know?” Lowry describes himself as “Poster Boy for Hyperactivity”.

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Family life:

Lowry is unmarried, has no kids, though he has siblings and three nephews and same number of nieces.


Lowry attended Liberty University which was then known as Liberty Baptist College. While he was in the college he started singing been the member of Evangelistic team created by David Musselman and Charles Hughes. Lowry’s career as comedian started when there was an extended pause in his singing concert, as Lowry was waiting for the sound track to be changed; he started to fill the vacuum with monologue, he then realised that the audiences were laughing not at him but at his antics.

Lowry taped many videos including Mark Lowry: My first comedy video (1988), then in 1992 in Chattanooga he made Mark Lowry: The last Word, in 1994 Lowry’s video Mark Lowry: Mouth in Motion (1993) won Dove Award. His next video project was Mark Lowry: Remotely controlled (1995). Two of Mark Lowry’s DVDs were released in 2000 and 2005 respectively.

Lowry was badly wounded in an accident in 1978 while he was on the tour with Evangelistic team. He spent a lot of time in recovering from the injuries he got in the accident.

“Mary, did you know?”

“Mary did you know?” is the famous song written by Lowry in 1984, in the same year he been asked to write a play for the Christmas which was to be performed at church. Lowry wrote a number of questions to be asked by Mary which was linking in the scenes of play. For over 10 years Lowry then kept searching for the music of the song which was finally written by Buddy Greene after 12 years of lyrics writing. The script of the Christmas play then became the song and became so popular that more than thirty singers sung it including Michael Crawford, Daniel Childs and Cee Lo Greene.

The Gaither Vocal Band:

Lowry joined The Gaither Vocal Band on the request of Bill Gaither in 1988. He joined the band as male singing voice who can sing their notes between Bass and Tenor voice types. The span of Lowry’s career with the band lasted for thirteen years, he obtained so much popularity with his tricks on stage that he happen to be the co-host of many shows in which Gaither himself played straight man to lorry’s acts. Lowry then resigned from Gaither’s band in June 2001 to start his career as a solo singer; many of his albums were released in solo capacity. Lowry again joined the Gaither’s band in October 2009 along with his solo career. He finally left the Gaither’s band in 2013 along with Michael English to continue his solo career.

Lowry kept performing on stage all around United States; he is also the publisher of many iPod podcasts especially weekly podcast with Tony Campolo named “Saturday with Mark and Tony”. Lowry is co-hosting “Red Letter Christians” a T. V show on regular basis alongside Tony Campolo.

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