Matt Lauer

He went on to marry another woman named Annette Roque in 1998. They had three children together. After eight years of marriage, they got separated in 2006  when Roque was pregnant with their third child but they later reconciled. Roque’s friends and family were upset with Matt for putting her through that stress while she was pregnant.

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Sexual Assault Controversy

After he was fired from the Today Show for multiple allegations of sexual assault, Matt said he had to deal with property issues because of his current negative reputation,  “In my opinion, and I don’t think I’m being a conspiracy theorist here or paranoid, I believe the groups that are behind this are in some ways unfortunately taking advantage of some difficult times I’ve been through over the past six months, and I think they see me as an easy mark. I think they’re trying to set a precedent, and I want to just tell people that this is not just about me. That precedent will also be used for other property owners. This is not just a one-off.

I think that most of the articles I’ve read, John, and the comments I’ve heard on radio programs, they make very frequent reference to that because I believe they think New Zealanders are going to find some outrage there. I will tell people they don’t know the circumstances of that situation. I promise you, people don’t know. And I’m not at liberty to talk, nor would I want to talk about that. But I think they’re choosing this fight for a reason. I think that’s why this fight has been chosen now.

Matt has spent a lot of money on the property and feels that he is a victim because of the sexual assault controversy,  "In the year and a half or year plus that I've owned it, I've invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to improve the property and now a year later they come and say, 'Oh wait a minute, we granted you this lease under this set of rules. We'd like to change the rules, I don't think that's fair."

Matt staed that has made no public comments on what he claims to be false stories from anonymous or biased sources that have been reported about him over the past several months. He said he remained silent in an attempt to protect his family from further embarrassment and to restore a small degree of the privacy they have lost. He wants to now break his silence because he said it’s now necessary to defend his family. He is tired of his family being harassed and he wants to speak up to get his truth out in the media.

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Quick Facts
Birth Date: 30 Dec, 1957
Age: 62 yrs
Occupations: Journalist
Television presenter
News presenter
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: New York City
residence: Greenwich
New York City
Education: Ohio University
Greenwich High School
Gender: Male
Description: American journalist
Twitter Id: Mlauer
Spouse: Annette Roque[1998-2019]
Net Worth 2021: 80 million
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Last Modified: Jun 20 2020
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