Max Joseph

Born on January 16, 1982, in New York City, New York, United States, H. Maxwell Joseph spent most of his childhood days in New York, staying in the area until adulthood. There is a very little information regarding his parents or siblings. He attended Brown University in Rhode Island, a private Ivy League university in the town of Providence. Neither Maxwell nor his parents or other members of his family were part of the entertainment industry, which contrasts his current situation within the mainstream TV show atmosphere he strives in today. Specifically now, the reality TV area of entertainment with a popular and unique TV show.

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On the TV show, his grey hairs and good height can be considered attractive qualities which benefit the show. He is a fluent speaker of Portuguese having family relations from the region. After his formative years growing up in New York, he moved to California to the city of Los Angeles to set his sights on the entertainment and showbiz industry. He started his career as an editor, but after a few stints behind the scenes, he realized his true calling which involves much more all-around entertainment approach. He went on to direct several films, including video shorts and documentaries from 2008 to current day. As of now, he has worked on around 64 short films which include commercials and web videos. In 2014, the Working Title Films hired him to direct a feature film for them. He was also the co-writer for the movie, adding person life aspect and points of view he wanted to get across for the public to see.

He has directed some very good commercials that were well received and worked with many top brands in the industry, leading brands such as Starbucks, Pepsi, Nike, Toyota Prius, and many many more. He was also a creative director for the popular magazine the Good Magazine. In 2008, he made his first documentary named State of the Economy: Oil Addiction. This was well received and was a good initial front into the dense and talent filled world of documentary film making. Because of the success of his first venture, after that, he then went on to make four more documentaries Good: Water, Good: Immigration, Good: Education and Good: Alcohol Olympics in the same year.

A year later in 2009, he made another documentary within the same Good Magazine framework, Good: Atomic Alert and three short videos with the names of Let’s Harvest the Organs of Death Row Inmates, Good: Animal Guns and Good: The Green Hotel. Later in the year 2010, he went on to make another documentary Saab Story about the Saab motor company history and a short video Garden of Eden in the year 2012. In 2015, he made his true feature film length debut with the movie We Are Your Friends which had leading movie star and former TV show star Zac Efron as the lead character. Max Joseph’s movies have been screened at various film festivals around the globe and his films have been displayed on the homepage of several top and trending streaming websites like YouTube, FunnyOrDie and Daily Motion which have given his workpieces a large platform to be shown and admired on.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 16 Jan, 1982
Age: 38 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: New York City
Education: Brown University
Gender: Male
Description: American film director, film producer and film editor
Net Worth 2021: 250 thousand
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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